August 5, 2019

How to Get Over a Breakup Like a Man

lus how to get over a breakup

The aftermath of a breakup can leave you lonely, fearful, and in pain.

Brother, I know it hurts when your girlfriend breaks up with you. But the heartache will end.

Today I will show you how to get over your breakup as easy and painless as possible.

1) Give her space

This is the hardest step on the entire list but it must be done.

You're gonna block her on all social media and remove her number from your phone.

If you haven't done it already, do it now and do it quick. Rip it all off like a band-aid.

This way you don't do anything rash or pathetic. As it's not uncommon for a man to lose self-control when he's emotional over a breakup.

Remember: She made the decision to no longer have a relationship with you.

Now that you've deleted her on everything. Assume this is forever.

Slowly get used to the idea that she no longer exists. She doesn't belong to you anymore and you are moving forward.

2) Avoid sappy music/videos

This sort of media makes it harder to move forward because it will remind you of her.

At best you're reminded of her letting you down.

At worst, you're pushed to reach out to her. Which is a HUGE no-no.

There's absolutely no benefit in provoking these negative emotions.

Instead consume media that encourages you to look forward to life and kick-ass.

3) Hit the Gym

Exercise is essential for getting over a breakup. As it's the greatest way for you to work on yourself.

Especially at a time like this.

When you exercise you release much needed hormones and endorphins within your body that improves your mental health.

Working out is also a great outlet for your emotional energy. Use that energy to build your physique and let out some steam.

4) Regrow your masculinity

If you're excruciatingly emotional, you need to read the following very carefully:

Stop acting like a little pussy.

Being overly emotional is for women and you're not a woman.

You're a man and being too emotional is unbecoming. You don't want to spend your time crying in your room all by yourself.

Instead you will go out and hang with your guy friends.

You hang out with the bros for 3 reasons:

Be around men so you can remember how to act like one.

5) Avoid substance abuse

Many men turn to drugs and alcohol to dull the pain of a breakup.

Brother, I'm no different.

When I feel a strong sense of betrayal I smoke cigarettes.

I know that smoking cigarettes is bad for you. But no matter how deep I bury my disappointment, my cravings overwhelm me.

My body needs a drag like it needs water.

But the moment I get over the trauma, my body no longer craves nicotine.

The craving disappears like magic.

It's not the best way to go about things but I understand that sometimes we need that little bit of poison.

A drink or drag here and there won't hurt. But always remember:

  • If you have a problem when you drink, you're a problem drinker.
  • If you have a problem when you smoke, you're a problem smoker.

6) Focus on a business/hobby

You need to get used to "I" and forget about "we".

This means filling your time with your own interests and keeping busy.

Use this time to be absolutely selfish and do what you want.

If you like working out then build yourself a home gym.

Or if you're interested in legal enhancement, check out nootropics.

If you like writing and you like money, start a blog business.

You want to fill your time with positive activities instead of bad habits.

7) See someone new or see no one

I remember when I was a heartbroken young stud.

My girlfriend of over 3 years dumped me and it seemed impossible to get over her.

On top of that, my game was rusty and I was afraid of how I'd get another girl.

Flash forward one week later and I'm getting the best blowjob I ever had.

Another week later I had two fuck buddies at my disposal.

But you know what?

Even though I enjoyed the new pussy, I still couldn't get over my ex.

I was hurt and sleeping with other people didn't change that.

Although sex can distract you for a moment, it won't really make the pain go away.

It takes time, understanding, and some personal development for you to move on.

When you’re ready you can start talking to someone.

You owe it to yourself to take things slow.

No need to jump into another relationship until you're mentally finished with the last one.

8) Learn and grow

Look back and see the things that you didn't like about your ex. Take note so you can avoid these traits in the future.

If you didn't like to hear about her family problems then you can find a woman who doesn't have family problems

If you didn't like her using words like "bougie" then you can find a woman who has a brain and uses real words.

If you didn't like that she couldn’t tell the difference between left and right, well tough shit - they're all like that.

Some men do require closure as to why she ended the relationship. Especially when he suspects/knows she was seeing someone else.

If this is the case and you want to know the truth, then you need to learn and understand how women's infidelity works.

Here is the forbidden knowledge. It's the same cycle for all women. Learn it at your own risk.

9) Gain perspective

Right now you only love her because you can't have her. But you must understand that there are plenty of women out there who are better than her.

She isn't special by any real means and she isn't your "soulmate". If she were (she isn't) you'd still be together, but you're not.

When another girl you like comes along you'll forget all about her.

Until then it's okay to feel sad.

Let it out, learn from this and move forward.

10) Move on

Best of luck brother.

Until next time,


how to get over a breakup like a man


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3 comments on “How to Get Over a Breakup Like a Man”

  1. There’s literally no better time to re-brand yourself than after a breakup. Sure, it sucks, and you definitely have to take the time to mourn the relationship you are losing someone who was consistently in your life. But you don’t have to continue to dwell on the breakup when your best self is waiting. You just have to let it go and move on with your life. It is not easy, yes, but trust me once you're pass that headache, you're be glad you did. I had a very bad breakup with my ex (dated for 2 years plus), at first I thought that's the end for me. But today, I glad he left me because it was the biggest blessing I ever received. I was addicted to him and he was abusive (in any way you could probably think of), but I got over him with time. And trust me, the comeback is worth it. Just work on yourself and see how far you'll go. Writer, you did a great job by sharing this awesome piece with us and actually, I wrote an article on Toxicwap Movies and will be glad if you could check it out using this link

    1. Let time do its thing Justin. There will be more and a lot of them have been waiting for you. They just don't know it yet.

      Thanks for reading. Best wishes.

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