June 15, 2020

How to Safely Choke Your Partner During Sex

properly sex choke your partner woman

A man must know how to safely choke a woman. Because all women have some sort of interest in BDSM and a desire for uncontrollable orgasms.

Why Do Women Like to be Choked During Sex?

Because a woman wants a man who can dominate her. By choking her you display the dominance over her that she craves.

Psychologically she loves this display of power. She wants to be overpowered by a strong, 'dangerous' man that makes her feel vulnerable and feminine. As it enhances her sexual arousal.

Physiologically she gets a rush of dopamine and endorphins when you choke her and restrict oxygen to her brain. I'll explain more below.

Physically her body responds to the "pain" as pleasure. With proper timing she can experience an out of body orgasm in a crossfire of pleasure and emotions.

Most women loved to be choked. So the matter is less about 'does she want to be choked?' (although you should be sure first).

The question is, are you man enough to dominate her?

How to Properly Choke Play Your Woman

Like most men, when I first started choking a woman during sex I was doing it completely wrong. I would grab her neck and push the webbed part of my hand into her throat.

That is not how you do it.

When you make the mistake above, you are actually crushing her trachea, or windpipe. Which is dangerous.

To properly choke her you need to squeeze the two veins (carotid arteries) on both sides her her neck.

properly sex choke your partner woman

When you squeeze the carotid arteries you're cutting off the blood flow that goes from her heart to her brain. The loss of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide results in head-spinning exhilaration that heightens feelings of pleasure.

The best way I can describe choking a woman in writing is to imagine how you'd use your thumb and fingers to squeeze the cheeks on her face. Do the same thing to her throat.

Practice squeezing for her carotid veins and you'll get better at it.

But be careful.

You won't come back from bdsm choking sex.

You won't want to go back to normal sex after choke sex and dirty talk. It's just one of those things. Sort of like a BDSM sex gateway drug.

In case you didn't know, BDSM includes a variety of kinky sex. This includes the dominant-submission dynamic that choke sex falls into.

What I mean by sex gateway drug is that people who share intense sexual fantasies with each other will have better feelings of connection, novelty, and happiness in the relationship.

This is because masculine men and feminine women want to dominate and be dominated. So when you start to have kinkier sex, don't be surprised when vanilla sex doesn't do the trick anymore.

Experiment with sex toys and be open to new ways to sexually express yourself.

Do it because she adores your acts of dominance. It turns her on when you have your hand on her throat and you sternly whisper in her ear, "Who owns you?"

She craves that sexual desire from you. And if you want to really take it to the next level, I recommend you restrain and buckle her down to your bed so you can really show her who she belongs to.

You can get a bed buckler here.

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