December 28, 2017

How To Set Yourself Straight (Make The Decision)

You've been feeling it every day haven't you? Day or night, it's in the back of your head.

You feel it call out to you. You know what you want.

But for some reason you don't reach out. Instead you try to ignore it and shrug it off.

But you can't.

 It's what you want out of life.

It's what you long for and what you've envisioned for yourself. But you've neglected it.

There's no reason to ignore who you are. That calling is who you are meant to be.

I'm not saying you're special. No.

Saying you're special makes you believe you don't need to work for it.

You'll need to work for it. And it will take as long as it needs to.

But you know what you want, so why haven't you gone for it?

Are you waiting?

Do you want someone to tell you that everything is going to be okay?

Are you hoping you won't have to walk your path all alone?

Because it sounds like what you want is permission.

But here's the thing:

No one can give you permission. Only you.

Because there's never anyone standing in your way. Only you.

So no more lying and denying yourself. No more shrugging it off.

No more excuses.

You Are Going To Set Yourself Straight.

You do this by sitting down and writing out what's in your head.

Write out what you really want. It will come almost instinctually.

You mark it down because written words are powerful.

No longer are your thoughts hidden from the outside world.

Now they are out here, they exist for anyone to find.

But you will hide it. Like a teen with a diary.

And you will not speak of it. Only act on it

Because the moment you do that, is the moment you start to give yourself permission.

Then you will tell yourself: "When there's something I want - I get it"

And follow through with that mentality

So You Think It's Going To Hurt Someone?

Are you afraid that someone isn't going to agree with what you want? That it will inconvenience them? Offend them?

Well let me tell you something: That problem, is literally someone else's problem. Not yours.

If they have a problem with it, then they have to deal with it. Not you.

And do you know why they'll have a problem with it?

The reason they'll have a problem with it - is because you dare to do what so many fail to do.

And that is: To live authentically.

Because you are finally following your vision.

You are acting on the path, you've plotted long ago, of who you will be.

And they don't like that. Nobody will like it.

But you will continue to go your way. And be selfish, to acquire yours.

Because if you aren't selfish with your life. Then somebody else will be.

And that's why they are affected. Because they want you to act a different way. A way that's not authentic to you.

But by looking at that vision you've written down. And acting every day to make it happen. You will have no choice but to gain self-confidence and a sense of pride.

A result of being authentic. You are being you. And becoming closer to the greater you that you have always wanted to be.

Whatever that vision is, that goal, that light at the end of the tunnel - you must work for it every day. Think about it, all the time.

A new year is about to unfold.

365 days. 86,400 seconds in each of those days.

What will you do different from everyone else?

Because look around. Everyone is dying to waste their money and time.

And for what?

Everyday you look around, people look like shit. They look miserable.

You don't want to be like that. And you don't have to.

All you have to do, is go your own way.

Because a year from now:

If you work every day, or if you don't - you either will, or you won't.

Work. For as long as it takes.

This year, next year, or every year.

Set yourself straight. Stand tall. Head held high.

And ask yourself: Will I go my own way and win? Or will I fall back like everyone else?

No need to ask permission. And no need to state promises.

Because a year from now -

Either You WILL,

Or You WON'T.

Until next time,




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6 comments on “How To Set Yourself Straight (Make The Decision)”

  1. A powerful authentically stated blog post- thank you!! It was the perfect medicine for this morning, making me smile from deep inside with complete understanding. I have been saying "I Will" and I Will continue to do so. Shared your piece on FB.

    1. Thanks for sharing Fawn! I received your message. Thank you for your kind words, they are well appreciated.

      Thanks for commenting and best wishes!

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