July 8, 2017

4 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals

As I've mentioned multiple times on plenty of posts, you should always be improving yourself.

Not thinking about improving, but taking action and improving.

Although making real progress is a part of the battle, what if you have trouble staying on track with your goals?

Here are 4 tips to stay on track with your goals:

1) Pick a goal to focus on

You can have plenty of things that you want to accomplish, but it takes time and energy to accomplish anything. Have you ever heard of this incredible thing called multitasking? Well let me tell you a little secret about multitasking - it accomplishes nothing.

Multitasking accomplishes very little in terms to real goals. Multitasking is better used for doing busywork or minor tasks that you need to get out of the way. But even then, focusing on one thing at a time is a more efficient and effective use of your time.

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You can only accomplish so much in so little time. If you sleep eight hours, work eight hours, and realistically have less than eight hours left to accomplish a real goal, how much progress do you honestly think you can make for more than three goals?

In fact, if you only had eight free hours a day, do you really think you have enough free time to focus on more than a single goal, much less two?

Think about specialization in the workforce. Let's say you work in a single building full of people with various occupations (salesmen, accountants, janitors, managers, etc.)

All of us can learn to perform the same job as everyone else in the building.

But the reason we specialize at one job rather than all is because employers want us to be as efficient and effective as possible at our one single job.


Because as a single person we accomplish more when we focus on one job. We make the business the most profit that way.

Now think of yourself as a business. Don't you think you will be more profitable when you only have two or three goals on your plate rather than five or ten?

Looking at it that way, it becomes common sense to stick to two or three goals at most. Even better, imagine committing your free time to only one goal. Focus on one single goal and you will be more likely to achieve it.

2) Make a to-do list

I write a to-do list every single day. Crossing off each and every task brings me satisfaction because I know it's bringing me closer accomplishing that one bigger goal.

3) Put up reminders

Let's say right now my goal is to build my body.

Now what I've done personally is print out reminder sheets and place them on the wall right next to the door to my room. That way they are the first and last things I see every day.

Now I have a special formula on how I write my reminders:

  1. Choose one fundamental task you must accomplish to make any progress.
  2. Then choose another fundamental task that you feel you slack on.
  3. Then make the third task a reminder that you must accomplish the first two tasks.

When it comes to bigger goals, there will always be more intricate tasks that need to be done. I urge you to focus on the fundamentals for your reminders .

There will always be more technical tasks such as: take supplements, ice your muscles, track your macros or set up backlinks, publish guest posts, form an audience on social media.

All of these have their place - but these reminders are to ensure that you focus on the fundamentals so that you make daily progress no matter what.

Here's a sample reminder I use:

Step 1: Do you have 180g of protein ready for tomorrow?

Yes - Good

No - You better get the f*ck off your ass and go buy some right now!

Step 2: Did you lift today?

Yes - Good.

No - Then STFU and hit the gym b*tch!

Step 3: Did you finish Step 1 & Step 2?

Yes - Consider today successful.

No -  Who the f*ck said you could sleep yet!?

It would also help if you learned how to force productivity and make discipline easy. 

4) Get Addicted to Progress

This will be the most important step after you've already established the others. Getting addicted to progress is its own form of discipline and motivation.

Progress isn’t always linear, but it can be, you just need to find what works best for you.

People will always tell you that this is how you do it, not that. Well, fuck all those "rules". Grab your fundamentals and keep working until you find what works for you. Because there isn't just one way of doing things.



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3 comments on “4 Tips To Stay On Track With Your Goals”

  1. I actually like setting goals because I thrive on accomplishment. I also love rewards, so I tend to accomplish something and reward myself with something. Admittedly, I'm not much on repercussions, and prefer to 'just do it' instead.

    In my opinion, it takes longer to not do it, then it does to simply get on it doing it. And you're not thinking about doing it, especially wise for anyone who beats themselves up if they don't get it done.

    I have found that "timing" works best for me. So I do what I say I'm going to do at a time of day when I'm feeling the most productive. And if it's something I may neglect later, I make sure to do it earlier.

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