August 11, 2019

How To Succeed If You Are An Introvert

Are you wondering how to succeed as an introvert in a world full of extroverts?

Friend, that's a silly thing to ask. All successes come from different walks of life.

Whether you're reserved or outgoing doesn't make a difference to your success.

You need to understand that your introversion isn't a curse. Instead it is a blessing and a source of power.

What it means to be an introvert

Introverts tend to be more thoughtful, quiet, and restrained in social situations. This is because introverts have a very rich inner world.

Since they aren’t inclined to express themselves socially, they restrain themselves to self-expression that feels right to them.

On top of this restraint, introverts are more sensitive. This doesn’t necessarily mean emotionally, but their brain is more easily stimulated by their surroundings.

This constant thoughtfulness, restraint, and stimulation is why time spent around people takes a lot of energy.

The introvert becomes overstimulated and wants to spend time alone.

Why being an introvert is a blessing

Your greatest blessing is the desire to spend time in solitude and work on your craft.

It’s a craft that allows introverts to let go of self-restraint and truly express themselves.

Crafts like writing, cooking, lifting weights, music helps introverts express their need to be understood, tasted, seen, heard, etc.

You give yourself the time necessary to build your craft and reach greatness in your chosen field.

My experience as an introvert

Like any typical introvert I'm naturally quiet and reserved. Because of that, people view me as mellow, calm, shy, or downright intimidating.

I grew up with a plain disinterest in people and I preferred to daydream instead.

Hell, I likely don’t care to know you unless:

  • You need help and I know how to help you
  • You have information that can help me

Besides that, socializing just seems like a waste of time and it feels like minutia. I hate minutia.

Sometimes I feel the need to socialize for my mental health. But after a few short hours, I always want to come back to whatever work I'm doing.

Although an introvert isn't naturally expressive in social situations, they are able to express themselves through performance.

For example, I've been told by dozens of people that I am incredible at giving speeches to an audience. I've even had public speakers be impressed with me.

But what they didn't know is that it was a grand performance. I carefully crafted and practiced my speeches when I was alone. They were surprised to find out that I wasn't very outspoken.

There are also many people who wonder how to succeed in sales as an introvert. They think they're at a disadvantage but they're not.

My last months working as a salesman, I was regularly a top producer in sales.

3 Tips to Help You Succeed in Sales as an Introvert

  • Know that sales is the world's greatest profession
  • Always be learning and pay attention
  • Be ruthless with your competition

I recommend everyone who is an introvert go into sales. Because you learn how to "perform" and act more extroverted in regular social situations.

The only curse to being an introvert

The curse of the introvert isn't the introversion.

The curse is that most introverts like to think and read and that's it. They fail to take the next step and build on a craft.

These introverts need a form of expression. Otherwise the time alone they seek turns into isolation.

When isolated an introvert is stuck in limbo. They don’t want to be around people and they don’t want to be alone.

Without a form of expression, the introvert experiences a weird feeling of neglect that isn’t good for their emotional health.

The solution: Find a craft.

Get out of limbo by working on something that interests you.

Whether it be writing, carpentry, cooking, weightlifting, painting, etc.

All you need to do is follow your inner voice, ignore feelings of resistance, and get started.

Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer.

Until next time,

Your friend.



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10 comments on “How To Succeed If You Are An Introvert”

  1. I rarely feel the desire to socialize and one of my greatest pleasures is when people cancel plans,even if I like them. I feel guilty sometimes for being such a loner but those times I do have with others become that much more meaningful.

  2. Hi Rich,

    Cool insight. I think being an introvert sets you up nicely for success. But you need to extrovert in some situations or you just won't make it anywhere. So totally agree with you.

    However, as you mentioned you work in sales. Which helps you to extrovert a bit.

    How long have you worked in sales? Do you still find yourself feeling physically drained after a day socialising or did you get used to it?

    1. At my last sales job for almost two years. I did feel physically drained after socializing daily. However I never had any "depressive" bouts while having any sales job (too much self-satisfaction).

  3. one good thing about being an introvert is that you don’t need anyone... you can have a very good time by yourself

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