August 10, 2019

How Worry Affects the Body & Spirit

It's past midnight and I can't sleep.

I go to the kitchen to grab a drink but I still can't think straight.

I made a mistake and took on a lot of debt.

It wasn't until now that I realize I can’t make my payments.

My thoughts become erratic and my breathing gets shallow.

I know why I did this. It has a purpose. But now it seems I overestimated myself.

Worry grows from the core of my being and spreads out across my body.

My entire body feels heavy. I need to lay down.

So I go to my bedroom. My lady is sound asleep in bed.

I pathetically crawl up next to her.

And in a moment of quiet desperation I hug her and kiss her quietly on the head.

As if I were reassuring her the way I wanted to be reassured.

She wasn't awake to witness my moment of weakness and vulnerability.

I’m glad she wasn't.

Several weeks later I made $4,000. Another two months later made $2,000.

Within a year I cleared all my debt.

But boy, there were many times I wanted to throw in the towel.

Worry is more than death. Worry is overkill.

Friend, I told you just now how worry kills the body and spirit.

Although worry exists only in your mind, it weighs on you heavily.

The worry follows you like a ghost that appears at moments you should be feeling at peace.

The hardest part to understand is that it's only in your head.

Those complications you think about, that make your heart beat faster, it's all in your imagination.

All those things you worry about never happen.

None of it is real. Don't let it get to you.

Because if you let worry get to you it will drag your mind out of reality and it will terrorize you.

What you experience is overkill.

Friend, don't let worry kill you before you die.

But if you do let the worry sink its teeth into your soul, then take this advice:

Get out of your head.

To do this you must leave the city and be in the presence of all-powerful forces of nature.

You will be so overwhelmed that you will be pulled back into reality and remember that this is what's real.

Then take a deep breathe and realize that your mind lies to you...a lot.

Remind yourself that in time things will be alright.

Because deep down you already know it will be.


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How worry affects the body and spirit. how worry affects the body.


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7 comments on “How Worry Affects the Body & Spirit”

  1. I feel ya, I've been left with debt from the end of my relationship and worrying is an unnecessary killer!! If only the thinking part of the brain had an "off switch"!!

  2. This is so true. Worrying stresses you body causing all kinds of sickness and depression. Life is too short and this too shall pass. I tell my son, who is a over thinker, that you have to believe in something and put your faith in the universe by speaking the possible which may seem like the impossible at the time. #bestill

    1. "you have to believe in something and put your faith in the universe".

      Essential advice for everyone. Spirituality is important but often neglected by younger people. Thanks for reading and the great comment.

  3. I've found that meditation helped me immensely with this. When the "night thoughts" come and my brain won't shut down, I got to my breathing exercises that are part of my morning meditation routine, and try to shut my brain off.

  4. My husband is definitely in the category of “overkill”. A chronic worrier. He does and so do I, exactly what you suggested to combat worry... we get out into nature and play. Hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking... it is what we call our medicine. And it works! Thanks Rich- you’re words helped me to understand what my husband feels 247. Thanks.

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