Hypoxic Oxygen Deprivation Training Workout Exercises

Let's briefly go over hypoxic oxygen deprivation training workout exercises.

You don't have to be an endurance athlete to add hypoxic training to your training, but it can help you become one. Endurance performance can benefit from intermittent hypoxic exercise (commonly known as IHT).

Hypoxic Oxygen Deprivation Training Workout Exercises

The following exercises are a combination of plus vanilla interval training that will improve training performance for all swimmers:

  • 4-8 x 25 m freely with one minute of rest in "hypoxia 1" - that is, breathe only once every 25 m. If you feel confident doing this type of exercise, try replacing it with "hypoxia 0", or in other words, don't breathe for the entire 25 meters. This type of exercise is known as intermittent hypoxia.
  • 4 x 50m freestyle with one-minute rest, try to vary the number of times you breathe during the 50m. Try to breathe once every 25 meters at first, then try to swim the first 25 meters without taking a breath and breathe only once for the second 25 meters.
  • 3 x 100m freestyle with 1-minute rest, changing breathing method every 25m. Breathe every three counts for 25 meters, then every five counts for 25 meters, then every three counts for 25 meters, then every seven counts for 25 meters.
  • Butterfly 8x25 meters underwater with one-minute rest.
  • At the end of each length a butterfly foot from the wall.

Remember that hypoxic training is very hard on the cardiovascular system and physiologically tiring, so it is recommended to carefully introduce it into your weekly training.

Avoid these mistakes when swimming with a hypoxic kit:

  • Breathing: Holding your breath for too long without exhaling causes carbon dioxide to build up in the lungs, which can lead to loss of consciousness.
  • Long underwater dives: Try not to do more than 25 underwater dives at a time. A long time without breathing can cause fainting and drowning.
  • Rapid, deep breathing: This can lead to hyperventilation, which unbalances the body's oxygen and carbon dioxide and reduces the body's natural signals to breathe. Instead, take a deep breath before stepping away from the wall.

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