June 5, 2017

How You Know It's Time For Change

Sometimes doing the same thing day after day gives you comfort in your life. Routine is not necessarily bad, so long as you're not being lazy. Maybe you lift in the AM, work on your business in the PM, and everything in between.

Some people may want you to change. But screw what they think.  If you’re in the middle of a roll and it's improving your life - don't change anything just because anyone says so.

Today was different

For example, I got off of my shift and was heading home pretty early. Slight dread and disappointment came over me. Is this it?

You know it's time for some change when you realize that you don't want to do the same thing again. Despite it being the routine you've been happy with.

When you're sad about this, you may start to feel lonely. Not in the literal sense - my best friend was sitting right there next to me at the time. But you feel bored and lonely in the emotional sense.

When you tell yourself "is this it?" That usually means you need to make a slight change to your routine. You know when it's time for a bit of change. Trust yourself. Not others.

It's like school, when you know you're done with it - you're done with it.

Or a relationship, when you're done with it - you're done with it.

Or a job, when you're done with it - you're done with it.

An example that younger people may relate to is playing a video game and picking your characters from a roster. You probably pick the same ones on a regular basis.

But then you soon find yourself to be more and more bored of the game. But the issue isn't the game. It's your routine. You need to try something different.

And yeah, you may not find another alternative appealing. But it will do you far better to give it a shot, rather than feel sorry for yourself wondering "is this it?".  At least when you try something new, it will do your emotional well-being some good.

But you should really listen to yourself when you feel down. When you feel sad, it' typically accompanied with loneliness.

It's when you're lonely that you're free from comparing yourself to others.

You can compare yourself to yourself.

What changes do you feel you want to make?

More importantly - how are you going to act to make those changes a reality?

You must always remember that your world begins and ends with you.

When it's time for a change of pace, you'll know.

When it's time for a change -

Do Something Different



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