September 7, 2018

7 Easy Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Do you feel like your mind isn't as sharp as it used to be?

I know how it feels. For months I couldn't pay attention to a damn thing. My mind would drift off before I could finish my sentences. And my short-term memory turned to shit.

If you deal with this issue then you know the bad impression you make on other people. Not having a sharp mind can cost you respect, credibility, and make you look like a retard.

How would you like to end all of that and boost your mental sharpness as soon as today?

Yes? Fantastic.

Because after months of dealing with mental slowness, I've uncovered 7 easy habits that will help you free up your mind and boost your brain power.

You must pick up these habits for one simple reason:

You aren't a child anymore. You're past all of your fast-paced growth. And your neurons will never grow like they used to ever again.

So I'll be blunt. It's gonna take a little work and willpower on your end.

And if you can't bother making these simple changes to your lifestyle, then go ahead and click away.

Those who won't put in the effort will be left in the dust, while the rest of us will be busy getting ahead.

Here are 7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp

Stop Consuming

If you check your phone first thing every morning. Keep your tv on every moment you're home. Spend your commutes listening to the radio. And constantly surround yourself with noise -

It's time to cut that shit out.

Turn off that damn tv.

Turn off that damn music.

And put away your little phone.

Give your mind a rest from all that garbage you're taking in. Exposing your mind to all of that on a regular basis is actively making you stupid.

You can't expect to think more clearly if you can't even hear your own thoughts.

So stop consuming so much entertainment.

When you finally turn off the noise your senses will come back to you. You'll notice your brain fog start to fade away. And you'll reconnect with your inner voice again.

And the best part? When there's nothing there to take, your brain will start to make.

Don't Overeat

When I go to a buffet, I get a bite of every dish I see. But once I'm stuffed my body and mind slow down dramatically.

This is because digestion takes energy. When you eat too much food your mental energy lends itself to your digestion.

The mind focuses on getting the body comfortable enough to recuperate.

To avoid this lethargy and keep your mind primed it's best to keep your meals light. 

The best way to eat light is to eat meat and avoid non-green carbs. This keeps you satiated without any slow-down.

Eat eggs and chicken/steak for breakfast. Avoid carbs, as they cause lethargy.

This will jump-start your entire day as you will feel more energized, more satiated, and more mentally prepared for what's ahead of you.

Get Physical Exercise

This point is obvious. I won't bore you with the same shit you've read on every other site.

Just ask yourself this:

Do you think your brain works better with more blood flow or less?

Hint: What do you think happens if it gets no blood flow?

So get that blood pumping.

Get Deep Sleep

I wake up to epiphanies more often than I wake up to my alarm.

This is because the brain repairs itself when you sleep. It fixes the parts of your brain that manage your conscious, unconscious and subconscious.

People like myself don't process things instantaneously. Sometimes there's too much information to take in.

But after a good night's sleep everything can "click". Your brain reinforces the connections you didn't see before.

If you never get a good night's sleep you are depriving yourself of these realizations. And you aren't letting your brain solidify anything into your long-term memory.

So before you make any big decisions, or if you've had an informative day, sleep on it.

When your brain is refreshed you will be able to think more clearly, quickly, and make better decisions.

Don't Masturbate

Primal urges aren't easy to notice if you never resist them.

If you ever get the idea "Meh, I feel like jacking off", don't go dimming the room and lighting candles just yet.

That urge is your body saying "I want sex right now".

Remember how your mental energy gets used for digestion when you eat too much?

Well you can lend your sexual energy to your mental energy by doing one simple thing:

Don't give into the thought. (Don't jerk it)

Instead shift your sexual focus onto the thing you actually want to focus on. This elevates your physical and mental energy.

If you don't believe in this energy topic, feel free to jack off all the time.

Then check out this post when you can't get your little dick hard or last in bed anymore.

Don't Do Drugs

Stop doing drugs. All of them.

This includes caffeine and alcohol.

All of these chemicals mess with your brain. Stop putting chemicals in your body and let it return to its natural state.

You won't realize it at first. But when you stop using drugs you'll notice how much they've been slowing you down.

Not only that, but the negative impact from drugs do cascade.

When I used drugs on a regular basis my days would "feel" easier to get through. But they hurt my ability to learn and listen.

When I noticed my performance drop I'd get depressed. Making me want to take more drugs.

It's a vicious cycle. And the dependency you form only gets stronger as you go further into it.

It's just best to stop cold turkey.

You're better off mastering positive thinking than being a no-good junkie.

If you do use drugs, only use productive drugs.

And only do them on occasion and with a definite purpose.

Manage Your Worries

Stress is normal. But worry fucks with your head.

You only have two real options to deal with your worry:

1) Make a plan to solve your problem. Then do what you gotta do.

2) Put an end to making big, stupid, fucking mistakes. Stop gambling away your money, having unprotected sex, getting in massive debt, etc.

Stop doing what you know you shouldn't be doing.

If you can't manage that second option then you better hope one day you get your wake-up call before it's too late.

To Conclude

You know what happens after you clear your head?

You feel fucking fantastic. Your mood will soar and your attitude will change.

Once I picked up all of these habits I found myself smiling more. It feels as if I'm back to my "old self".

The version of me that's mentally fresh and able to process ideas much more easily. And I love it!

These tips will undoubtedly improve your life. In the same way they've improved mine.

In conclusion, don't let your mind get lazy and infected by the distractions from society.

As an infected mind loses the ability to see, hear, and think for itself.

Instead you must take care of your mind. Keep it clean and feed it proper, positive input.

The same way you would care for your body to keep it lively and strong.

Until next time,



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  1. Walking is the most important thing we can do to enhance our physical and mental health! Conversation, even with ourselves, is the next best thing!

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