August 21, 2017

6 Steps to Get Deep Sleep

Most fools think that sleeping for 8+ hours is quality sleep. They are absolutely wrong. Quality sleep has less to do with time spent asleep, and more to do with how deep a sleep you get.

Live to sleep and sleep to live. One prepares you for the other. Although it seems like common sense, at least one third of the population neglects their bed time.

When you don't get quality sleep you experience:

  • a lack of alertness
  • impaired memory
  • increased stress
  • decreased quality of life
  • and more

In other words, if you're never really asleep then you're never really awake.

Enough of that. You can only live life when you're awake. Understand that deep sleep is required to make the most of your living hours.

Here are 6 Steps to Deep Sleep:

A tired head loves a ready bed. That's why you spend your daylight hours being productive so your mind has reason to rest. And you hit the gym so that your body stays fit and has need for recovery. Because a day that doesn't demand quality sleep is a wasted day.

Take a warm shower before sleep. The warm water relaxes you and helps relieve stress and insomnia. Then when you step out of the shower, the sudden cool-down tells your body that it's night time. This makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

Get rid of any noise and light. Young people are having more difficulty falling asleep because of their smartphones. This is because the body perceives bright light from a phone as daylight. So you must get rid of electronics to give your mind and eyes some rest. Near silence and a dark room is the environment you need to achieve deep sleep and recovery.

Sleep with heavier blankets. You use heavier blankets because the body recognizes the weight as human touch. So being completely covered is reminiscent of a warm hug. Which reduces anxiety and helps improve your quality of sleep. You also want the room to be at a cooler temperature to make up for the blankets keeping you warm.

Lay on your left side. Your lungs take in more oxygen when you lay down on your left side. Also keep your chin up rather than down to make it easier to inhale. Because adequate oxygen intake is more important than time spent asleep. This is why people who snore can't achieve deep sleep or even dream. They lack the oxygen necessary to do so.

Use pillows to prevent pain. Pillows are meant for more than just comfort. Use them for skeletal alignment to reduce bodily stress. First, use a pillow to keep your head aligned with your spine to prevent any possible neck pain. Second, sleep with another pillow between your legs to increase comfort and decrease the chance of back pain the following day.

Now you're ready for deep sleep

The Secret Steps to achieving Deep Sleep are simple:

  1. Have a busy day
  2. Take a warm shower
  3. Get rid of noise and light
  4. Use heavier blankets
  5. Lay on your left side
  6. Use pillows for spinal alignment

After you wake up, you will feel fully rested and satisfied.

Aim for deep sleep, not weak sleep.

Then rise and shine!

Stretch and praise the sun!

It's Time To Fuck The Day


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  1. Hello, I am certainly going to take your advice on trying to obtain a restful night sleep. I do have insomnia, and I take so many types of medication that leave me so dull during the daylight hours. I'm sick of living like this. I hope the suggestions help me. I look forward to reading more from you.

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