A Stud's Physique



A Simple Fitness Routine That Works!

I’ve tried plenty of online exercise programs.

Some were better than others. But none gave me exactly what I wanted.

It wasn’t until I took pieces from each program that I uncovered exactly what it takes to build a body naturally.

So I compiled all of these essentials to create A Stud’s Physique. 

Everything is simple and easy to understand. You won’t waste any more of your time trying to find the right information.

Whether you want to lose fat and get lean or build muscles and get jacked. It’s all here.

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  1. David Cornillie

    Good coverage of the foundational knowledge needed for more effective exercises.

  2. Mirkov Sasa

    Good ebook program, it explained and showed things I needed to get me started.

  3. Nitin Thakur

    This is a very good course. It covers up the basic but important fundamentals of fitness. I will highly recommend this course to the people don't know where to start their fitness journey from.

  4. Joe Goh

    A good clean and well structured course written with clarity of though. Great for a newbie like myself.

  5. Krzysztof Czerminski

    Honestly, this guy tough me more within like a few pagesthan I had learnt in public school during 12 years. Amazing, straight-forward, without flat talk.

  6. Coach Kris

    Great simple information on important steps you need for growth. Training, Diet, Rest.

  7. Benjamin Østergreen-Johansen

    It was a good course with clear instructions, but cut to the chase.

    With under 50 pages of content, you'll have a lot of essential exercises ready, have access to a workout plan and also sufficient understanding of other things that goes with training, such as mindset, goal setting and cheat days.

    For my taste, I don't like the exercises with bars, as there doesn't seem to be any alternatives given and there's a bit too much focus on losing weight sometimes.

  8. Sarah Martindale

    Very thorough and easy to follow

  9. Fionn Ross

    This was a good match. Simple, well structured and easy to follow.

  10. Steven Miller

    This is good information. This is just what I need to understand.

  11. Raymond Murphy

    Have not put it into action yet.But I'm excited to get started

  12. Gokul Nandakumar

    The course will be a 5-star for beginners.

    However, someone who already has a background in Fitness & nutrition, this program is almost intermediate.

    If you are new to fitness and nutrition this course will serve your piurpose.

  13. Andreea- Maria Stan

    For a total begginer this is a good course, well structured and I was glad you have a good ammount of information all in one place. You can start working out right away with no need for sofisticated equipment or even a gym.

  14. Daniel David Wolfert

    As far as the teaching goes it is exactly what I had hoped for. The simplicity in explanation makes it far easier for a beginner like myself to follow, understand, and go back to when I need it.

  15. Xavier Vila

    This course is incredibly useful! Simple and clear explanations. I've lose fat & improved my muscles significantly. Thanks so much

  16. Flavia de Oliveira Grohmann

    Great simple and efficient exercises to do at home! I am loving it! And already doing it on my own!

  17. Jonathan Allen

    Simple Focused Exercises using extremely minimal gym equipment. The exercises are very effective when done properly.

    This is especially for those who cannot hire a local personal trainer, expensive gym equipment, or both.

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