August 7, 2019

10 Reasons to Start a Blog Business & Quit Your Job

So you want to work for yourself and make passive income with your very own blog?

That's fantastic!

By now I'm sure you know that jobs are the worst way to make money.

A job only helps you survive - not thrive.

The real money is where people are - online.

So if you want to thrive then your best bet is to start your own blog business. As a monetized website is one passage on the path to financial freedom.

A long as you're persistent and willing to learn, you will be successful.

Here are ten reasons why a blog business is the easiest website to start and monetize for you to make money daily:

1) The work is one and done

Most work that comes with blogging is done once. No need to go back unless you want to improve your work.

Take a look at my archives. Each article is a seed I planted and over time these seeds bring me money.

Do I update my articles? Sometimes yes, but most times no.

Unlike a job, you don't have to keep doing that same thing over and over again. You do it once and it makes you money forever.

2) Blog business has unlimited upside

If you don't show up to a job you don't get paid.

If you don't show up to your blog you can still get paid by your blog.

But why wouldn't you show up to your own blog? Each post is a seed that you plant for the future that makes you money.

So why would you stop at 50, 100, or even 500 articles?

Wouldn't you think your blog will bring you more money if you have more high quality articles instead of less?

3) Everyone & everything is online

Everyone is addicted to the internet. We all interact and buy things online.

The internet is here to stay forever. So if you're not online then you're behind.

Let's put it this way -

Right now you can make $20 an hour. But someone online can have an ebook that sells for $20 every 10 minutes.

That person doesn't even have to clock into a job.

Hell, they might not even be home because -

4) You can run a blog anywhere

As long as you have access to the internet you can run your blog.

You can be home, at a café, or in a completely different country.

Hell, you can work on your blog with the smartphone in your pocket.

That's the beauty of running a blog business. You can access it anytime, anywhere.

5) Be your own boss

When you're in the blog business guess what happens when you want to take a day off?

You take the day off.

Because you don't have to answer to anybody.

There isn't a boss on your dick to question you or tell you what to do.

Instead you decide when, where and how you work. As long as you actually do the work and create great articles.

6) Transform your life

Right now maybe you're thinking of starting a blog while working a full-time job.

There's no need to quit at this moment. Instead you can start your blog and work on it until you make a part-time income off it.

There's nothing wrong with keeping a job and having a blog business on the side.

But I guarantee once you see the money coming in you'll want to put all of your energy into your blog business.

You'll go from full-time job to blogging freedom.

It doesn't matter what station you are in your life. You too can achieve freedom.

7) Reveal your voice

When you start your blog you're gonna have something to say.

You have tons of ideas in your head waiting to come out.

A blog is the greatest way to free these ideas for the world to find.

You need to do this because the people in your daily life may be too average to care or listen.

The reason they don't seem to hear the words you say is because they aren't like-minded.

The best way to reach these like-minded people is to start a blog and let them find you.

You have something to say and it's your duty to spread the good word to the people of the world.

8) You help people

Everyone around the world is searching the internet for answers.

If you can provide thorough answers then you can create high quality content.

Most people who visit LUS don't pay me a single penny for solving their problems. My free content is enough.

I'm proud that my free content can be enough for my readers. Because this means that they are doers.

I'd rather have action-takers read my content instead of do-nothing losers.

What's funny is that I see visitors buy off my links anyways. Not only because the products I recommend will help them, but because their purchases also help me.

Your best readers will buy from you. Whether it's your own product or a product you recommend.

They trust you and help you because you helped them.

Remember: Your best content will be what helps the most people.

9) It's fun and fulfilling

Like we mentioned earlier, you have a voice. Although you always want to put your customers first, your voice is what makes you unique.

That means you get to share the info the way you want to.

Say things how you want to say it and spice it up with your personality.

You can deliver your message with a no-nonsense attitude, humor, lax, sarcasm, etc.

Running a blog business is also incredibly fulfilling. As it improves your writing skill and creativity.

Over time you can develop a skill in your editing where your work will "speak to you". You can tell what to add, take away, and rearrange to make it all "click".

Then when you take the time to read a blogger's work you'll notice if their work was rushed or carefully crafted.

This skill takes a long time to develop and only appears with intense patience and concentration on your own writing.

10) You can start living the life you want to live

Do you understand how a blog business can make you limitless money?

Can you see that making a living online and working from anywhere is possible?

If you were to start working for yourself to build your own passive wealth, when do you think would be the best time to start?

Start building today to gain your freedom.


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  1. It seems like everyone rather look at Instagram or YouTube than an blog post. Do you think it’s too late for me to start?

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