August 6, 2018

How To Get Rock Hard Erections & Last Longer In Bed

Sex is a crucial part of any relationship. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Because not only is your pleasure important but so is hers. Regardless if you can perform or not.

As a lack of sexual energy or proficiency can cost you your dignity, relationship, and even half your stuff.

I've seen it before with my own two eyes.

But don't worry, I will show you how to fix your issue. Whether you have problems getting hard or lasting long.

Because if you aren't able to use your dick, then the truth is - you might as well be dickless.

And if you're gonna act dickless then you're going to be treated like you're dickless.

You don't want any of that. And I don't want that happening to any of you.

So without further ado -

What to do if you can't get it up

Masturbate more. This tip is for those who lack a sexual appetite. As in you don't care to jack off at all, much less have sex.

This may be due to low testosterone or an "off" mentality about sex.

But by touching yourself you can rekindle your body's desire for sex.

Given that sexual desire is a huge motivating force. It's healthier to jerk it and maintain a libido rather than let your sexual interest die for good.

Don't masturbate. On the other hand, if you masturbate too much, you need to stop.

Ask yourself - Do you prefer ejaculating to the stroke of a man's hand or inside a woman?

Then make a vow that the next time "one thing leads to another" a woman is involved.

If you're not already, you'll be driven to go meet women and get your dick wet.

You're bored of having sex with her. If you already have a girl, maybe she's boring in bed or you're just plain tired of her.

First, make sure you take control of sex. Because she might not be as boring as you think.

If you're not telling her what to do and you're not trying to tell her what to do, then blame yourself for your boring sex.

Maybe ask yourself where the lack of interest started.

That being said, try the following suggestions:

  • Try new moves
  • Have sex in new places
  • See someone new
  • Try heavy foreplay
  • Alcohol

8 Simple Ways to Last Longer

Have a drink. Alcohol will help take the edge off and get your mind off of "I hope I don't come too soon".

Wear a condom. If you don't wear condoms then definitely put one on. This easily turns sprints into marathons.

Try to finish faster. Notice that when you try not to nut, you nut sooner. But when you try to nut sooner, you last longer. You might even run out of breath before you can finish.

Change positions. Changing positions helps you last longer and adds the illusion of longer sex.

Get past your first round. If you can get erections and recuperate quickly, then jerk it beforehand. Since the first round is usually the shortest, start her off with your second. If your first round is typically your only round - don't do this.

Beat your meat ruthlessly when you masturbate. This method desensitizes your dick but makes you last far longer in bed.

Foreplay. If she's too wet for you then it will take longer to finish. You studly stud you.

Loose pussy. Good angles don't exist.

Tug your nuts. When you feel like you're about to finish, get a handle on your testicles and try to pull them downward. It's a "reset button" not all men are lucky to have.

Your New Secret Weapon

Behold, Hydromax - The secret to a bigger, thicker dick.

All you do is fill the sucker with water, insert your snake, and pump water out the tip.

When you can't pump out any more water the suction makes the Hydromax stick onto you hands-free.

That's where the magic happens.

You keep the Hydromax on for only 10-15 minutes a day. And right after you remove it your penis will be instantly bigger.

I did this every other day for nearly three months. And I'm happy with the progress I've been making.

Because my penis has always been just under X inches. And I'd always round up when anyone asked me about my size.

Essentially I'd lie to them. But now that I've worked my way up, a part of me is relieved that I'm not lying to people anymore. (I actually round down now).

And the increase in length isn't all I noticed.

Increased girth. After the first few times it became obvious which days I used my Hydromax. To this day my girlfriend complains that she doesn't want it getting any bigger (how selfish).

Harder erections. This is due to the increased blood flow you're subjecting yourself to. A friend of mine who also got a Hydromax now brags about making his girl cry in bed (it's just that beautiful?).

Lasting longer. Right after you use the Hydromax your penis loses a bit of sensitivity. This makes you last even longer in bed.

Bigger dick + longer duration = Mind-blowing sex

What's not to like?

Hydromax basically does everything you need it to do. And you get to keep the gains you make.

If you could make your penis bigger in only 15 minutes a day, why wouldn't you do it?

Check out Hydromax here.

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