April 14, 2017

How to Start a Hustle & Make Extra Money

Starting a hustle isn't a hard thing to do. For starters, ask yourself:

What have you been paid to do before?

For example, you've probably been paid to clean the house or mow the lawn.

Just like that you have two marketable skills:

  • Housekeeping
  • Landscaping

Now find people who are willing to you to do those things for them.

Simply look at other people’s self-interest and what they seem to be missing that you can provide.

If you can drive, then find someone who doesn’t have a car.

If you know how to do an oil change, then find damsels in distress who need one.

Another way to find ideas for a hustle is to-

Take a look at where you spend most of your time.

Chances are, there's money to be made.

For example:

I hated sitting around taking notes in my college classes. But I realized that if I disliked it, others did too.

So I started Education Consulting on the side to make some money:

  • Selling Notes
  • Taking Online Exams (Answers are always available online)
  • Completing Online courses for upwards of $150 (never spent more than 8 hours on a course)

Although that was easy, I didn't like the various subjects. 

And eventually I picked up a job working for a tax service company. The skill I picked up there was much more profitable.

Since then I have a Tax Consulting hustle every tax season.

Those were my two favorite hustles back in college. I was making decent cash while working less than half of part time hours.

How To Maintain a Side Hustle

When it came to my two side hustles, I really had to rely on word of mouth.

I would even offer my tax clients a discount if they referred people to me.

That said, if your work has to do with having reoccurring clients, then keep them coming back.

Specifically, the higher paying ones. Because five high-paying clients beats ten low-paying clients.

However, I've never been really big on marketing my work. But if you like what you’ve got going for you, then keep at it.

To Conclude

Look at things you’ve been paid to do before, and find people who will pay you for that same service. If you’re having trouble coming up with a skill that you have, look at what you do for most of your days – if other people are doing it too, chances are there are people who’d pay you to do it for them.

Here are some small suggestions:

  • Give yourself a title with the word ‘Consultant’.
  • Use transaction apps. I would use Messenger or Cash.
  • Find a hustle with year-round potential.


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