July 12, 2019

How To Start Your Blog Business & Make Money Online

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Right now I'm a free man. I run a small business from the back of my house and two internet businesses (including LUS).

No debt and complete freedom. But it wasn't always like this.

Many years ago I thought I had it all. Property, cars, and a big titty blonde.

I had it all, then I lost it all. And boy did I lose it all.

But there's one thing I didn't lose - my freedom...

Because I didn't have it in the first place.

I was always working for someone else. Getting paid for time that I won't ever get back.

It wasn't until I got into business for myself that I actually gained freedom.

As I made my own money I relied less and less on a job. Until one day I decided to quit.

Now I can make all my money working from home. Free from anyone telling me what to do.

You can too.

What's the best business to get into?

Internet business in hands-down the best business there is.

Making money online is the greatest thing you can do for yourself because so much of the work is one-and-done.

This means that even when you don't work, you can still get paid.

Especially in the blog business.

Why is the blog business the best internet business?

Starting a blog is the easiest and cheapest business to start.

All you need is a domain name and hosting. Which only runs you about $5-$10 a month.

Unlike a typical brick and mortar business, a blog isn't limited to the locals. Your blog is accessible to anyone with an internet connection worldwide.

Let’s put it all in perspective -

When you look at people what do you see? You see everyone staring at a screen addicted to the internet.

Why not take advantage of this widespread internet addiction?

Face it, you’re gonna be online anyway. Why not make money off of it?

Whether you're young or old, anyone can do it. You can be white, brown, black, blue, green, whatever.

If you can provide high quality value you can make money online. Because a blog is the easiest website to start and monetize.

How much money can you make online?

It can be a lot of money or a little bit.

The creator of ShoutMeLoud, a tech blog, makes over $40k a year.

John Lee Duman, an entrepreneur blogger makes over $140k a month alone.

Check out their financial statements online.

You make as much money as you deserve. And that depends on how much you're willing to do to make it all happen.

Let’s put it this way, if you can make a few dollars online you can make a few $100. If you can make a few $100 then you can make a $1000. And so on.

All you have to do - is sell.

What do you sell to make money online?

There are four ways you make money selling online:

Sell your own product. The most profitable way to make money is make your own product to sell to your audience. This can be your own digital product or product you buy from a vendor and sell at an upcharge.

Affiliate marketing. Sell someone else's product for commission. For example, if a blogger recommends a product and provides a link, there's a chance that your purchase grants them a % of profit.

Place ads on your site. Google AdSense is an easy way to get paid advertising on your site. Or you can put ads for your own products on your site instead.

Sell your service. If you have specialized knowledge, you can sell your consulting services to customers. This is the option that isn't passive income.

How can you start your first website?

Bluehost– To start an internet business or website you need a domain name and hosting. Level Up Stud recommends Bluehost for both.

Click this link to sign up through LUS and instead of paying $7.99 a month you will only pay $3.95 a month. You also get to choose a domain name for FREE.

Website design - If you like the way Level Up Stud looks you can get the MH Magazine theme on the MH Framework.

WordPress - Every blog should utilize WordPress. It's the best way to manage your blog business content. To learn how to install WordPress on your site hosted by Bluehost click here.

Mailchimp - Mailchimp lets you collect email addresses from customers that subscribe to your blog. You want to get this onto your site very early to start building you email list.

Must read business books

Unscripted: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship. The moment you get your hands on this book you will be ahead of 80% of the population. You will understand the reality of business, time, money, life, and everything else that’s important.

Secrets to Closing the Sale. Written by a legendary salesman. Learning to sell is vital to your life. Not only online but in real life as well. Humans are social creatures and learning sales helps you meet people, make connections, avoid depression, gain confidence, get laid, and make money. Learn to sell, period.

Thick Face, Black Heart. Learn quickly that to get ahead you must be ruthless and shameless. Realize these qualities aren’t bad. In fact, they bring you what is good. This greatness is already within you, you just have to unlock it.

When is the best time to start my blog?

The best time to start was a few years ago. The next best time was a few months ago. The last best time was yesterday.

The greatest time you can start now is today.

You need to put out good content consistently when you start. This is key. Then you have to give it time.

Otherwise how is your audience supposed to find you? You must give them time to find you.

Meanwhile you just need to put out more content and be patient. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Getting there isn't hard. The hard part is being serious about blogging. Then the fun part is learning as you go.

The best part is seeing your money come in when you aren’t looking.

But you need the discipline, persistence, and the will to keep on learning.

As long as you keep up the work, the work will repay you.

All it takes is a single article to go viral. Imagine how far ten amazing articles will take you.

Where do you think you'd be if you started sooner? Like last month? Or even last year?

Don't daydream too long.

Because a year from now you can be free from a job with your profitable blog.

All you have to do is START NOW.

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  1. I love your article! Very Honest, and helpful! As a full time teacher looking to create a side business with my blog, this is very helpful and encouraging! Thank you!

  2. Hey, I like your article. I was trying to be a full-time teacher. Story short, I worked my butt off for a year, teachers and students liked me, but the school hired someone else. They wanted me to be a full-time proctor instead, and I have a masters. I felt uneasy when I quit because well I have no steady income. But I had to quit. Now, I'm starting all over in real estate. But I do have other business ideas, and your blog was helpful. 👍 🌹 The comment about the blonde 😂. Wow

  3. Hi there Rich, I want to create a blog to express my writing. I write short stories and enjoy this. I'm a school student but believe i can handle the added activity as i enjoy writing as i do. Any advise for this? thanks in advance.

    1. Go for it! In the past I've put down my own short stories in this blog (removed since then; it's a blog about advice based on personal experience). Whether I made money from this or not, I'd still be writing since it's just something I enjoy doing. Use my link to get started and you'll get a great deal on bluehost (the only hosting service I recommend).

      Thanks for reading Adam!

  4. Hey, thanks for a great post, it seems everyone these days is trying to make a little extra on the side but it is so hard to find really good blogs like yours.

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