September 7, 2017

The Purpose Of Money (How To Save & Spend To Buy Freedom)

Your green army marches uphill, painfully aware of their fate. While the red army relentlessly charges down at them with no remorse.

A battle ensues and soldiers on both sides become slashed and spent. As the last of the reds fall, the battle is won. You've lost much of your men, but the war is not over.

Your green army continues to march upward with new recruits barely catching up. Without having time to celebrate victory, you spot the next wave of the red army in the distance.

How big is your army = How much money do you have?

Life with money is an uphill battle. Your forces march upwards for every dollar you earn, and forces charge downwards for every expense and debt you have.

"But what if I don't want to be a part of this game? I don't even need money. All I care about is being happy and free."

Listen up! You're a part of this like it or not! And don't pretend that you "don't need money". That's bullshit! Everyone needs money. 

Look at Mike The Bum living in the dumpster by the alley. He sure as shit isn't happy and he sure as shit isn't free.

The truth is: there's a system in place and you have no choice but to make money. Because money is as valuable as food and water. Without it, you will die.

You live and fight this war every day. A war to make enough money and more. Because the purpose of money is to buy our freedom. And to buy our freedom takes winning the war.

Winning the War

You have a hand in both sides. Green and red, income and expenses.

Start by cutting your expenses. By having smaller expenses the waves you face will be more manageable. 

Then reprogram your understanding of money:

By producing value, you earn money.

Then use that money to create something that will help you produce more value and money for yourself. This is called a business or a brand.

To do so, your money is best allocated towards the following:

Living Expenses: I've said it once and I'll say it again. You don't need much more than food, rent, transportation, and insurance. 

Self-Investment: This is money that is spent on yourself as an asset and building a business/brand. Whether in the short or long run, these investments will bring you positive returns in the future. 

Debt Killing: Pay off that debt.

Savings: Always have money put away for possible unforeseen circumstances.

Here is how you force yourself to save money:

  1. After receiving your income, put aside your living expenses
  2. Then decide how much money you want to save
  3. Put that money away into a separate checking account and lock away the card
  4. Finally, the remaining money goes to Self-Investment and Debt Killing.

Ideally, you want all purchases you make to be a part of Self-Investment. So make the most of your spending and maximize your purchases

For example, whenever I go out socially I make the attempt to only purchase something that could buy me influence. Or I make purchases that feed into accomplishing bigger goals.

But I want to live life and have fun too!

Well too fucking bad. You have to win the war first.

Kidding. Everyone wants to enjoy life and spend money for funsies. That's fine, but you have to limit yourself.

Instead of going out every night, go out once or twice a week. If you think that's too restrictive, then clearly you're not building something that's going to win you your freedom.

There's no need to be cheap when you do go out. Feel free to spend a bit more, but don't go overboard. The point is to have fun on your one night out. Because one awesome night always beats six mediocre nights.

Always remember that frivolous spending is adding to the red army.

Don't fall further into the money rabbit hole

Don't get into any major debt. Be careful about taking out any student loans or a mortgage. They're going to take you years to pay back. 

You won't become rich working a job. If an employer made its employees rich, it wouldn't have employees. Become an owner and build something profitable. This is key to winning the war forever.

Don't have a kid too early. As an adult you don't require more than some very basic expenses. But if you have a kid you need to spend more for food, diapers, clothing, healthcare, etc. 

Final Checkpoint

Winning the war doesn't mean you win the war. You don't win this war. There will always be a red army until the day you die.

Your goal is winning the war. To be king of the hill and to spit down at the red army that marches up to you.

Until you reach the flat surface on the top, you're only surviving. And guess what?

Surviving Isn't Winning

Being King Is Winning

Go Claim Your Rightful Place On Top



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6 comments on “The Purpose Of Money (How To Save & Spend To Buy Freedom)”

  1. Awesome article Rich!

    Money should be seen as a tool that should work for you. The goal is to have your money working for you, so you don't have to exchange your time for money anymore.

    People spend so much money on stupid shit they don't need these days so they can look rich. As you perfectly say: "You don’t need much more than food, rent, transportation, and insurance. "

    Be as efficient as possible with your living expenses and make the rest of your money work for you, ideally by investing in knowledge (so you become more resourceful and able to make even more money) or investing in your brand/business.

    Don't even acquire debt. To the people who are in debt, PAY THAT SHIT OFF. Make it a priority and forget debt forever. Your goal is freedom and debt enslaves you forever.

    1. "The goal is to have your money working for you, so you don’t have to exchange your time for money anymore."

      Great minds think alike.

      Thanks for the incredible comment Dan.

  2. This is my favourite piece I've read by you 🙂
    It's also one of the best use of metaphor I've ever seen in regards to making money matters more relatable (the red and green armies).

    "Because one awesome night always beats six mediocre nights.
    Always remember that frivolous spending is adding to the red army." This was my favourite part of the whole post. The man and I were talking just last night over cheap fast food, and we had been discussing money and savings throughout the night as well. We both decided we would rather skip the cheap and frequent restaurant meals we've been going out for lately so we could enjoy a REAL no holds barred date night out even just once a month instead (we're mostly outdoors and movie night in kind of people anyhow).

    And I think if I could think in terms of adding to the red army whenever a spending/saving scenario comes up it might actually make the idea of spending just a bit more daunting. I had been really good about cutting out the frivolous spending the past several years and was 100% clear of debt as of three years ago, but I've gotten a little more careless with it since and into a little more debt (due to an emergency), and I could be doing better. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for the great comment Mandy.

      Glad to see you enjoy the post and that you've already been practicing smart spending. Have fun on your quality nights out. And the best of luck handling the necessary debt.

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