November 7, 2018

The Secret To Intimacy

lus intimacy

Ever since you were a baby, you've felt the secret.

It's not hard to understand or figure out. It's simple and it's been right under our noses this entire time.

The secret to intimacy is Body Heat.

Many years ago I used to volunteer at preschools and elementary schools. I remember this one particular incident.

One of the little girls fell to the ground as she was sprinting back from recess.

The teacher ran up to her worried, helped the child up and hugged her.

"Are you okay?" The teacher asked the girl. "Yeah, I'm okay".

Then the little girl started crying.

"Oh my gosh what's wrong?" The teacher started hugging her again.

Later when I spoke to the teacher I asked her what happened.

She said that the girl was crying because, her own mother doesn't even hug her

There's something about sharing body heat that makes a moment intimate.

I say body heat and not touch because a punch to the face is very different from a hug.

(Cold touch is off-putting and typically avoided as well.)

Although sharing body heat doesn't have to be sexual., it's a fundamental closeness humans desire.

People who are intimate hug, cuddle, hold hands and all that gay shit.

Baby animals without their mothers present are stunted in their growth.

Kids whose parents don't hug them grow up mentally demented.

Think about it - What's more intimate than actual physical closeness?

If anything, you have to learn how it's not an intimate activity as you grow and partake in certain activities.

But as children, we inherently know this secret to intimacy. It's in our biology.

A baby who is held bonds via shared body heat. It cries to be held.

To share body heat is to form a union. It builds familiarity. It makes a person feel secure.

A warm body gives you warm feelings.

Hell, there's a reason long-distance relationships don't last. They lack intimate physical connection.

Remember this little secret and apply it when you can. Use it with family and loved ones.

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14 comments on “The Secret To Intimacy”

  1. Damn dude great article. It is true, the power of embrace by the right person will make you melt just so long as you're man enough to actually drop your guard and accept it. Crazy that some kids grow up without any embrace from their parents and that they're longing for that so much that they break down with any type of affection. Sad really. And a good reminder to truly love your loved ones!

  2. I personally believe this is why LDR fail. That touch of your partners hand, that kiss, that tight hug, that hand hold is truly pure bliss. No facetime, text or call will ever be able to supply

  3. Unfortunately it seems too late once the other person naturally doesn’t want to touch. Pointing it out is fine, but neither party wants to force touch / a forced touch that’s out of pity or coercion.

    1. Physical intimacy is too important in a romantic relationship. If either partner does this, it's best to end the relationship.

  4. I hate touch because it’s a false sense of security. It costs nothing to give and it gives nothing. The stranger who hugs me at Church, won’t be at the hospital when I’m dying. The bank employee who touched my back, won’t change my tire when I get stranded on the side of the road with a flat. The old woman who touched my arm at jury duty, won’t pay my rent if I can’t come up with the money that month. False hope is the ultimate cruelty.

  5. He is right., I havent been touched or hugged by an other human in years and lost empathy for humans in those years.

  6. My father nor my mother touched me when I was a kid, sometimes they gave me a little hug but it was extremely rare, when I started dating I finally understood what being touched means and how you feel protected and safe when someone you love hugs you

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