December 31, 2020

The Time Has Come | LUS Year in Review 2020

This year has been a real eye-opener for many people. Personally its been the worst and the best year of my life. But there are lots of people who can't say the same.

Although I haven't written much for the blog, this year has been the best year for LUS. Many people are finding my articles online and Pinterest is a pretty decent source of traffic.

This year I released a book on mindset and self-image called Mental Freedom. While I made some sales, I took the book down because in the context of post-2020, it’s not a complete product.

A key takeaway from the book is this:

Don’t mistake your past self with your authentic self. You are not the person you were in the past—because that’s the weakest version of you.

If you confuse this with who you are now, you will miss out on life. You are allowed to be more than who you used to be

This past year I've been breaking into the tech industry and I've been doing lots of mindset and spiritual work. Both of these have kept me very occupied.

Since my personal life has been very busy, I've decided to really limit anything I publish online. However there are three projects I want to work on:

So You Want To Be A Web Developer? (How to Make $70k+ Working From Home In 6-12 Months)

Currently I work as a Front End Developer and I've already secured a position as a VR Developer starting in early 2021.

My goal would be to show people what to learn, best techniques, and tools, to break into the tech industry asap. Specifically as a Front End Developer.

It would be a 6+ article series where I show people a "Free Roadmap" and a "Paid Roadmap".

However, I get busy and tech is a topic out of the scope of this blog. So... maybe I'll figure something out.

The No-BS Guide to Self-Love (A Quick Guide to Practical Spirituality)

The same way there are people who are naturals at things, there are also people who aren't.

The same way there are people who naturally self-love, there are people who don't.

The practical how-to's exist for the people who aren't naturals and need things conceptualized.

This simple "enlightenment" guide will trump a lot of mindset material out there because it establishes the foundation of being that many people lack.

It combines a lot of psychology, spirituality, and philosophy—which is my shit.

Although this project would be the easiest, it definitely feels outside of the scope of this blog too.

The truth of the matter is that I've changed. My life is going a different direction than I imagined many years ago.

Things are getting better in ways I didn't think it would. Now all I really want to do is wrap this blog up. It's been a lot of fun, but it's time to go.

The blog will still remain online since it's a part of my history and I'm a sucker for sentimental shit. But if I make new content, it's unlikely to be published here and it won't be for a while.

On the rare occasion that I do publish new content for LUS, subscribers will be notified via email.

That Last Passion Project

I have one last thing I want to publish that essentially wraps up everything. Something I would proudly call my "seminal" writing.

But all of these things will probably continue to brew in my head for weeks, months, or even years, before I create them.

I just have more important things to do than to follow my muse.

And that's that.

Here's to the New Year of 2021 and beyond.

Until next time.
Your brother,
- Rich


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    1. There are a few reasons.

      The biggest reason is that I've decided to go a different direction. I've always had two or three things going on. But at this point I need to simplify down to one single thing.

      I've abused my own nature one too many times. I've always put myself in deliberately stressful situations because it was my go-to method of "guaranteeing" success (1) (2).

      During one of my risk-taking seasons, life decided to stack itself onto my chaos. People in my life started dying, high medical costs, unfortunate events, personal betrayals, catching Covid, and so on - all unexpected factors.

      I only intended to dip my toes into the quicksand, instead I slipped right into it.

      It was too much for me.

      Over the span of a year and a half, my mind and body would betray me. Consistent shortness of breath, unexplained trembling, ruminations, hearing things, bodily pains with no cause, uncharacteristic frailty, etc.

      I got cooked by my own boil...

      So now my choice to focus on one thing, and one thing only, is for my own health and stability.

      The dark days have past. Although I feel fine now, I hesitate publishing online. There's no way for me to tell my current state, and I tend to be too open - a symptom of having too much faith in oneself for making things better (persistence, "wait-for-it", watch me turn this around).

      This doesn't mean I don't write anymore. I write everyday on my phone. Can't help it. But I haven't edited in a very, very long time.

      The good news is that things are moving upward. I hope everyone doing well continues to do well, and anyone who isn't finds their footing in the "post-covid" world - sooner rather than later.

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