January 2, 2019

How to Disconnect from Virtual Reality (& Why You Should)

You’re in a virtual reality right now.

If your eyes are glued to a screen reading, watching, playing, posting, etc - you are plugged into virtual reality.

You aren’t the only one. Nearly everyone is sucked into their smartphone at all times.

It isn’t easy to stay unplugged.

Some days I try everything to avoid getting sucked into a screen.

I go to the gym, go to a store, go for a drive, or I take my dogs out.

But when I unplug there’s something I can’t help but notice.

The world feels empty. Deserted.

I hardly see anyone walking around outside. I don’t see children play outside anymore.

Instead everyone is inside their homes plugged into their virtual world.

Meanwhile I’m left in solitude.

The outside world might as well belong to me.

The other day I took my dogs to the dog park and I saw only four people there.

Three young women and one older woman.

I spotted the hottest girl. She wore a red jacket and tight yoga pants. I couldn’t help but stare at her hips.

I started chatting with her and when we stopped talking I looked around.

The other two girls were sucked into their smartphones. Standing there with their heads faced down.

And when I looked back at the hot girl, she was sucked into her virtual world too.

The only two people who weren’t plugged in were me and the older woman.

Then I noticed a bum sit down at a nearby bench. He pulled out his cheap smartphone and started staring at it too!

It’s as if everyone is dying to plug back into virtual reality.

And so I sat there thinking to myself-

Our parents were right.

“That’s not real life”

“Get off that fucking screen”

“Go play outside”

As a child I played outside with friends and family every single day. But over time I lost interest in playing outside.

Instead I spent more time indoors in front of a computer or tv.

I didn’t realize that the real world was "fading away".

And it’s not coming back.

You’ll never see movies like The Goonies or Sandlot released again. The times of childlike exploration are behind you and I.

Our children will be expect to have a smartphone in hand. They will spend their entire lives inside a virtual reality.

And who can blame them?

When I walk around the real world, it might as well be a fake world. Life is hardly seen or heard.

It offers zen, but it’s boring.

Most people don’t want boring zen. They want mindless stimulation.

We all do.

The Benefits of the Virtual World

I won’t lie to you and say it keeps us connected with our people.

It doesn’t.

I feel more connected making a yearly phone call to a person I haven’t seen in years than I do with anyone who posts “stories” all day.

The real benefit is that there’s money to be made in the online world.

You can be completely entranced into someone’s virtual spider web.

Then you’ll click around until you find yourself gladly opening your wallet.

Now pause. If you’re gonna let yourself get sucked into the virtual world, ask yourself this-

Are you gonna be the spider who uses the online world to make money?

Or are you the fly that’s gonna get stuck in someone else’s web?

(You can spin your own web by starting a blog with BlueHost - it’s less than $4 a month to get started.)

Why You Need to Disconnect

People are forgetting how the real world works.

They bring back these little nuances from the virtual world and think these opinions apply to reality.

White people are evil? Please. They have their weird quarks. But they’re not hurting anyone.

Women are victims of society? All the married men I know live in fear of their wives.

More than two genders? What kind of nonsense...

Things aren’t adding up.

My personal experience in the real world doesn’t match up with what the virtual world is telling me.

People wouldn’t even pay attention to these ideas if the virtual world didn’t exist.

Instead you’d spend more time in reality. You’d know the way of the natural world.

But like I said earlier, the natural world is much more boring than the virtual world. Much less enticing and much less dramatic.

So you end up picking up the ways of virtual reality. The fake world.

You lose the ability to think for yourself.

Don’t you think that’s what they want?

They are the ones making up nonsense and spreading it. Playing off the unnatural as natural.

Don’t get sucked into that. Don’t let some screen tell you what to think.

Instead live in reality and think for yourself.

You have your own opinions.

Honor them.

And always remember this life-long advice:

"Get off that fucking screen."

"That’s not real life."

"Go play outside."


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11 comments on “How to Disconnect from Virtual Reality (& Why You Should)”

  1. The smartphone was the beginning of the end.

    I wonder if Steve Jobs knew what this would do to the world.

    The human race is not progressing anymore, true progress would be symbiosis with nature and keeping it that way.

    But that will not happen as greed and lust are a product of our dopamine addicted brains.

    Which is paradoxically also the reason why humans are the apex predators.

    Either nature destroys us or the planet will be destroyed.

    Reducing the population will not help as that would require a world order, which will never happen.

    Nice post, cheers.

    1. "greed and lust are a product of our dopamine addicted brains"

      Those dopamine hits are hard for us to ignore. If you scroll on social media you can get multiple dopamine hits within seconds.

      It becomes increasingly difficult to get your eyes off the screen.

      Great comment WMS. Thanks for reading.

  2. You know how to keep a reader amused. With your wit I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost...HaHa!)

    1. The irony is that people are addicted to information, but discredit the reality they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears.

      Thanks for reading Dave.

  3. People who are always on their smartphones are so boring, they cant turn away from the screen for even a whole second, just buried in their phone and don't want to do anything else. Plus they're jerks, they would rather be with their phone than be with friends.

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