What Are The Different Types Of Myofascial Releases?

Did you know that there are two different types of myofascial releases?

What is Myofascial Release?

A myofascial release is a practical approach to managing pain and discomfort. Don't expect a gentle massage with aromatherapy and flute music. Instead, myofascial release can be an intense experience.

During a session, a physical therapist, chiropractor or even a masseuse will gently massage, knead and stretch the muscles and fascia to create knots. This technique also involves applying pressure to tense or painful areas to release them.

Pressure is applied with hands, elbows, or massage tools such as foam rollers or balls. You may be sore afterward, but as the pain subsides, you will feel more relaxed than before.

What Are The Different Types Of Myofascial Releases?

Myofascial release is a practical full-body treatment that has a profound healing effect on the body's tissues, relieving pain and restoring mobility.

There are two types of myofascial release: Direct and Indirect.

Direct Myofascial Release

The direct myofascial delivery method (also known as deep tissue work) works on the restrictive fascia (which is the pouch that surrounds each of our muscles). Doctors use manual techniques or other soft tissue instrumental methods to slowly stretch tight fascia using moderate force. The direct myofascial release appears to stretch, stretch, or move connective tissues. The practitioner moves smoothly through the fascial layers to reach the deep tissues.

Indirect Myofascial Release

The indirect method involves gentle stretching, with minimal pressure, allowing the fascia to "open". The gentle traction applied to the restricted fascia results in heat and increased blood flow to the area. This allows the body's natural ability to repair itself, eliminate pain, and restore optimal physical function.


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