September 25, 2017

What I Learned Living With Cucks & Housewife Sluts

I caught them. As I entered the room I saw his wife and his cousin pull their faces away from each other.

It was a gut wrenching moment. But I continued on as if I didn't see anything.

Both of them uncomfortably staring forward at the television.

"Which episode of The Simpsons is this?", I broke the silence as I sat down on the other couch.

A cuck is a man who let's his wife or girlfriend have sexual intimacy with other men (with or without his knowledge).

In this scenario, let's call the cuck Papakay.

I wasn't about to tell Papakay that his cousin (who he sees as a brother) is messing around with his wife. Common sense is that he'll trust her over me.

And based on his stories, he's dealt with worse.

Back when he was a young man, he would come back home to his girlfriend being fucked by another guy. He even gave the guy a ride home.

So based on his experience, I assume that as long as he doesn't know, he doesn't give a shit. At this point I'm sure he's had enough with women.

But why is his current wife cheating on him now?

Papakay is a white man in his 40's. He's 6'4" tall, thin and lanky. A nerdy homebody despite being an ex-military man. He makes over $90k a year. And although he's a stereotypical beta in his appearance and body language, he isn't needy towards anyone.

Although he's a "safe" guy (aka boring), let me describe his wife's lover:

He's unemployed, grossly obese, about 6ft tall, and lives with his mom and dad. The "pros" would be that he has a 'life' (he LARPs) and he had deliberate dominant body language (he took up space).

Tall Geek who has a job versus Fat Geek who read up on body language

The only real reasons I could see why she would cheat with him is because he gives Mamakay more attention than her husband. And he's easily accessible as a trusted family friend. So they go out a lot when the husband is at work.

But she's come onto me too...

Mamakay was always someone to talk to (even when I really shouldn't have). And based on conversations I've had with her daughters, being unfaithful isn't a problem so long as the men don't find out.

But I have two incidents with Mamakay that I'd like to share with you:

She Attempts To Seduce Me

One evening I was telling her about the stressful things going on in my personal life. Within a minute she rubs her calf against my calf and says:

"You seem stressed, maybe I can help"

But because I was so stressed I accidentally talked over her. I almost didn't hear what she said, but she quickly withdrew back to the original conversation.

In retrospect, I should've shut my mouth and taken advantage of the situation.

The Time Her Cuck Husband Found Another Man's Underwear In Their Bed

In short, the story is that her husband found another man's underwear in the hamper. He asked her where it came from. She said she didn't know. Then the topic was never brought up again.

She told me that sometimes things like that happen in relationships. And whatever the person I'm with tells me, no matter how unlikely, I'm just going to have to believe her. No questions asked.

Probably the worst relationship advice ever given to man.

But let's move onto the next cuck: Papagee.

One day Papagee cleans out his wife's car for her and finds an open condom wrapper in the backseat. She was always under the suspicion of cheating, but this was evidence that something was up. (This is what Mamakay's advice lives for).

Now there was a time I would work at the same warehouse as Mamagee. And during that time period she would be pretty nice to me. But outside of that she's always been pretty cold.

So I can only make the assumption that her lover was someone she met at work.

Here's the husband-lover comparison:

Papagee is a mexican man in his 30's. He's 5'8" short and overweight. A funny guy who is charismatic and outgoing. He makes over $50k a year. And although he dresses well and deliberately uses open body language, he's more on the needy side.

However, Mr. Lover is likely to be a warehouse worker who makes about $27k to $30k annually. He ranges from the age of 20 to 35. And his physicality can range from skinny to overweight. (I never saw her around anyone particularly fit at work).

So the appeal I can see her having in a lover is someone who is younger, more familiar, and have more stature.

And based off of all my experience and chisme with her, she'd given off every single sign that she was cheating.

And aside from that, she's done everything to isolate him from his blood family and get nearly all of her 4 kids (from another marriage) into his house.

But I didn't say anything.

The guy drinks vodka like it's water every night. He's NOT an abusive drunk. It's just his favorite pastime.

Outside of that, he can get depressed and he does own two guns.

Would you want that on your hands?

What did these women have in common?

They've been married before. And for every divorce you get you increase your chances of failing your next marriage.

They're physically blessed. They have sex appeal. No surprise though.

They marginalized kids that weren't their own. Mamakay babies the shit out of her kids at the detriment to the others. Mamagee stirs up drama to keep his kids away from him.

They hate to clean. They leave the cleaning to their husbands. (I honestly don't know why unemployed wives like Mamakay exist).

These were commonalities off the top of my head.

To Conclude, Here Are Lessons To Consider

  • No matter how much money you make, no matter how tall you are, or how sociable or charismatic you are: your wife may still cheat on you.
  • If you want to stand a chance, you have to be assertive, physically appealing and stylish. I'm only assuming this because these are the qualities the cucks lacked.
  • Based on the men the wives cheated with, they cheat for either emotional reasons or they are whimsical.
  • She can lie with ease and have zero remorse for any of her actions.
  • There's no reason for a man to get married. There's no reason for a woman to get married.

Of course this is my personal takeaway. But I'm not one for a legitimate legalized marriage anyway.

But wait, what about men?

Men can be shitty too. For example, a close friend of mine turned down her boyfriend when he wanted her to "come over to watch a movie".

After being rejected, he got onto Tinder and, well, you can read the rest of the horrific story here.



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  1. She can lie with ease and have zero remorse for any of her actions. LOL Yeah like I describe in my article 😉

    Personally, from my life experiences, women, in general, cheat way more than men. It's like 10% of men cheat with 90% of women... They have no remorse when they lie, that's the key! They don't have any code of honor...

    1. I like your stuff Chuck. I've linked to your post in your comment.

      All pretty girls have secrets (and she don't even got to be pretty).

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Damn dude I was getting pissed just reading this. I hate that people wanna do that to one another. If you're into polygamy and that's your thing but whatever... but to the guy in a so he thinks monogamous relationship pouring out his soul and busting his ass for a woman who is running around on him is completely pathetic. I'd imagine one of the worst feelings aside from a family member dying.

    Either way well written!!


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