What is Super Slow Strength Training?

In this post, we briefly discuss what is super slow strength training.

Super Slow Strength Training is a type of lifting protocol that focuses on lifting weights slowly and with control. Think of it as slowly grinding out reps rather than trying to move the weight as fast as possible.

What is Super Slow Strength Training (aka HIT Training)

Beginners and experts alike are concerned about how often and how much weight they lift. What you want is a consistent routine that challenges your muscles so that you see results now, and you also want to gradually push yourself to see results later.

During this process, you may not realize that the speed of your incline is as important as the weight on the bar. Lifting at super slow speeds may seem like an exercise for beginners, but it can be very challenging, even for experienced lifters. The key is to use a lighter weight than usual and move at a snail's pace, taking at least 10 seconds to complete one repetition.

Why do you want to do this? Let's take a look at what ultra-slow weight training is and what benefits you can experience by adding it to your training routine.


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Exercising very slowly promotes good form and reduces the risk of injury. Taking momentum out of the equation forces the target muscles to do all the work. With higher training intensity, safety increases proportionately and training duration decreases. Slow speed limits the amount of resistance used, which also reduces the risk of injury.

HIT is an effective exercise option for increasing endurance and strength in people who have limited time to exercise. Due to the higher intensity format, it is recommended that you consult your physician before starting any HIT program if you have any medical conditions.

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