What’s Allowed & NOT Allowed on Carnivore Diet

In this post, we go over (1) what is allowed on carnivore diet, (2) what is not allowed on carnivore diet, tips and tricks, and much, much more.

On a strict carnivore diet, you should only consume animal products, water, and salt. This limits your options. The main category is fatty cuts of meat such as riba, leg of lamb, and kebab.

Unlike lean meats, fatty meats have the right macros — protein and fat — to keep you in a unique fat-burning state called ketosis.

They also contain enough fat to provide energy. On a lean meat-only plan, most of your macros will come from protein. And while protein is key to building muscle and synthesizing hormones, your body is better at synthesizing ATP – the energy currency that powers all living things – than carbohydrates or fat.

And similarly, carnivores, marbled meats, and fatty fish are usually the ones with the most calories.

Other approved foods for carnivores include:

  • Intestine: Organ meats like liver, kidney, and heart are very nutritious foods. They provide vitamins (like folic acid) that usually come from plants.
  • Pork fat, lard, oil, and butter can be cooked and consumed by carnivores. You shouldn't eat olive oil and coconut oil, but if you like these keto-friendly fats, no one is going to call the carnivore police.
  • Egg: If tolerated, eggs are a great keto food. High in fat, high in protein, and high in nutrients like choline. But many carnivores have trouble digesting eggs (or egg whites) and avoid them.
  • Dairy products: Milk is an animal product, but carnivores with intestinal problems often avoid it due to casein or lactose intolerance.
  • Fish: Fatty fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel are great additions to a carnivore's diet and contain omega-3 fatty acids for the brain.
  • Since honey comes from bees, some carnivores eat it. But since honey is pure sugar, it's not carnivore. This is your choice.

Why Can Carnivore Be An Effective Weight Loss Diet?

Here are some reasons:

  • Restricting carbs keeps the hormone insulin low, which reduces fat storage.
  • Hunger hormones are suppressed in the ketogenic state.
  • Carnivore eliminates empty calories (like sugar) that are easy to overeat.
  • Anecdotal studies in people following a carnivore diet show improvements in triglycerides and HDL (good cholesterol), as well as reductions in BMI and HbA1c.

Concerns About The Carnivore Diet

Some fear that eliminating plants will cause micronutrient deficiencies. This is a legitimate concern, but it can be mitigated by eating organic meats. In particular, beef liver is like a natural multivitamin.

Another concern is that long-term low-fiber diets can negatively affect the gut microbiome. This is also a valid concern and the appropriate response depends on the individual.

Fiber can feed good gut bacteria, but it can also feed bad gut bacteria. If your gut feels better with a carnivore, you're probably on the right track. listen to your body. There are also some problems with the meat. For example, eating saturated fat can raise LDL cholesterol, but actual population data still doesn't show a link between dietary saturated fat and heart disease.

Cooking meat at high temperatures also creates potential carcinogens such as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and advanced glycation end products (AGEs). To reduce the formation of these compounds, cook the meat over low, slow heat.

Animal-Based Eating vs. Carnivore

Animal food is a more flexible type of carnivore diet. If you follow an animal diet, you eat meat and offal (like a carnivore), but you can also eat small amounts of non-toxic carbohydrates such as fruit, some tubers, and honey. So if you can't live without carbs, find carnivores socially impossible, or want to see how increasing carbs affect your blood count, animal foods are worth a try.


Determine If A Carnivore Makes Sense To You

You can try a carnivore diet if:

  • You have chronic bowel problems.
  • You love meat and want to simplify your ketogenic diet.
  • You wonder how being a meat eater affects energy, fat loss, blood tests, etc.
  • If you decide to become a carnivore, make it a good experiment. Give it two to four weeks. Get a blood test before and after and always pay attention to how you feel. Make sure you meet all of your micronutrient needs by including organ meats in your diet and, if necessary, under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Foods You Can Eat On The Carnivore Diet

A carnivorous diet includes the consumption of all animal products, including dairy and eggs. With this low-carb diet, remember to increase or decrease your diet variety at different stages of your carnivore diet.

To make meal planning easier for carnivores, we have broken down the list of carnivore foods into categories:

  1. Beef

If you follow a carnivorous diet, you can choose from many high-quality cuts of beef. They vary in flavor, vitamin and nutrient content, and price. By using these cuts of meat for your special diet, you can achieve your health and fitness results with high energy levels. If you eat meat, try to increase your red meat intake over time. This time there is no mention of vegetables.

  • Brisket
  • Chuck
  • Top rump
  • Round steak
  • Flat Iron
  • Beef ribs

All of these foods have more fat than regular steaks. These are great options that will give you extra calories to round out your carnivore list.

For days when you want to indulge yourself, try some of our favorite steaks:

  1. Ribeye
  2. Striploin
  3. Porterhouse
  4. T-bone
  5. Sirloin
  6. Fillet (best avoided due to price and very limited saturated fat)

As for the cooking, if you're not eating rare meat, try going upstairs. It is highly recommended on a carnivore diet to reduce body fat. This feeding method ensures that more protein remains intact when eating meat, providing maximum nutritional and health benefits.

  • Different meats in your diet

Now that you have the meat for your carnivore diet list, it's time to start thinking about other meat foods for weight loss.

While sticking to meat for weight loss, your shopping list shouldn't be limited to beef, pork, and chicken. There are many more quality options with healthy benefits for your diet plan. Some of our favorite foods are bone marrow and organ meats.

  • Add seafood to your diet

Seafood is a great way to add variety to a carnivore's diet. This idea is especially good before an exercise regimen, especially for weight loss.

Yes, you have all the macros to give you energy, but it can be hard on your stomach.

Adding fish to a carnivore's diet can be a great way to break up this monotony. Fish and fish oils are much easier on your stomach and your digestive system processes them faster for better health benefits. Fish cooks quickly, so lunch is ready in about 10 minutes. If you want to take the flavor to the next level, try putting them on a charcoal grill.

Here are some of our favorites: shrimp, octopus, crab, clams, lobster, oysters, salmon, and tuna.

  • Fatty meats

It might seem counterintuitive, but you need a lot of highly saturated animal fat in your carnivore diet, even for weight loss. Since a carnivore's diet is carb-free, there's a huge fuel gap that your body needs to fill for optimal health, and the only real way to do that is by eating high-fat foods.

There are several cuts of beef that fall into this category, but pork belly is the best. Try roasting it slowly in the oven and then placing it under the grill. You get delicious crispy fat on the outside, along with a juicy flavor on the inside.

A friendly reminder when consuming large amounts of fatty acids on a carnivore diet is to consult your doctor, especially if you have a history of heart disease. Another way to increase a carnivore's dietary fat intake is to use lard or lard in a pot or pan.

It completely prevents the animal's meat from sticking to the pan and gives the food a lot of flavors.

Other protein foods you can eat:

As the diet of carnivores is composed entirely of foods of animal origin, it is recommended to follow the rule that if it comes from animals, it can be on your plate. Yes, it's true. No vegetables. However, some meatless products are allowed on low-carb diets, such as meat diets.

Let's take a closer look.

  1. Eggs

Eggs are high in protein with added fat, especially in the yolk. If you're on a carnivore diet for weight loss, try meat, eggs, beef, liver, and other protein-rich options.  Many supermarkets sell more than just eggs, so try other varieties, such as duck eggs. If you're lucky enough to see a turkey egg, try these eggs.

One thing we recommend, while not mandatory, is to continue eating organic eggs for optimal health purposes.

These organic eggs usually contain more nutrients compared to mass-produced eggs that are full of chemicals. Our favorite carnivorous morning meal is brunch with six hard-boiled eggs and some steak. Lunch with steak and eggs, boiled or modified, is mandatory in the list of meat products for each of us.

  • Dairy-based products

Dairy is allowed in the diet of carnivores, but most of them should avoid dairy due to food intolerance. The reason dairy products are allowed is that (a) they are animal feed and (b) they contain large amounts of beneficial nutritional value for your diet.

While it doesn't always seem like a good idea to spread a piece of cheese on the meat, you can enjoy dairy as a snack between meals. For a carnivorous snack, grill some crackers with shredded cheese and ground beef for a nacho-style meal that's also great for the ketogenic diet. Here are some foods we sometimes add to our shopping list: milk, full-fat cheese, yogurt, butter

  • The use of spices in the diet of carnivores

Unfortunately, if you like to use a lot of seasonings for sauces and seasonings in your meals, you should avoid them if you are planning to start a weight loss diet. The reason we recommend avoiding vegetables, herbs, or other plant foods is to completely use this type of elimination diet. Remember, you don't need anything but salt, pepper, and fatty meat or bone marrow on a carnivore diet.

  • Side dishes and drinks

If you are on a low-carb diet to lose weight, adding fries or a good baked potato is completely out of the question. Don't eat foods high in carbohydrates or you will lose ketosis on this diet. If you need a side dish for your porterhouse steak, consider adding some bacon, bone marrow, or some animal liver to boost your protein intake. A carnivore diet is not just limited to food, but also to drink. When it comes to drinks, you have few options when following this new meat diet.

A little milk is fine, but keep it to a minimum as it contains a lot of sugar. Juices and sodas are prohibited, and we recommend avoiding many diet sodas because they are still high in sugar.

  • Coffee And Tea During The Diet

If you are using a carnivore diet to lose weight, drinking coffee and tea throughout the day is fine, but be aware that too much caffeine will dehydrate your body on a carnivore diet. So you want to add a little more liquid to every cup you drink. Instead, we also recommend trying a cup of hot bone broth to help you get through your diet day. They contain more micronutrients than vegetables.

  • Carnivore Diet Water Intake

If you follow a low-carb, carnivorous diet, you should drink five cups (2.4 liters) of water every day. The long-term health benefits of water are more than you can imagine. With a regular meat and vegetable diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, this food is rich in H2O. This means that with a carnivore diet, you will significantly limit your fluid intake. What we usually do is drink a whole liter (480ml) with each meal.

And then we split another 900 ml between meals. If you exercise a lot, you should increase your fluid intake.

7. Bone Broth

Bone broth is a fun little secret that our nutritionist friend introduced to this long list of carnivorous foods. It's delicious, it kills hunger, it's easy to make and you can buy it.

You can buy a powdered or liquid bone broth supplement, or you can simply cook it from animal bone marrow. Bone broth is full of collagen, which has great healing properties for skin, hair, and connective tissue, and is known to improve cartilage health.

8. Snacks on the carnivore diet

This is another area where carnivores are somewhat limited and is a snack on a full meat diet. Carnivores can't just eat a banana or a biscuit for breakfast. High-carb snacks are strictly prohibited on this low-carb diet. Also, you cannot eat any vegetarian food as a snack.

Tips for the Carnivore Diet

If you can find 100% pork sausages, you can cook them in advance and try them cold between meals.

An important rule to remember is to avoid processed foods, including canned animal foods, when following a carnivore diet. You can do it with dishes like smoked salmon, which is surprisingly satisfying.

What Is NOT Allowed On Carnivore Diet

If you're on a 100% carnivore diet, the list of foods you can't eat is much longer than you can eat. However, there are common mistakes people make when following a carnivore diet that can be easily avoided. So the simple rule is, if the food isn't from an animal, it's not allowed. But be careful and watch out for the hidden ingredients.

  1. Processed meat

Salami, sausage, and beef are prohibited foods on the menu of carnivores. You might think they count as snacks on your carnivore list, but they don't. If you can't find the above add-on at your local butcher, that's fine. Most products you can buy in supermarkets contain prohibited grains, flour, and sauces that are not acceptable on this diet. This is if you’re going very strict on your diet.

  • Sauces On All Meat Diet

Sauces are high in carbs, which is no big deal on a low-carb carnivore diet. The same goes for many Italian dishes, including pasta carbonara. Even though the sauce is creamy, a lot of caloric thickener is added. This is if you’re going very strict on your diet.

  • Alcohol During The Carnivore Diet

Sorry to spoil the fun, but if you are on a carnivore diet, alcohol is prohibited.

Beer, wine, and alcohol immediately increase carbohydrate intake and blood sugar levels. We found that after about 3 or 4 weeks, many people no longer want beer. You will get used to it and the hangover will not leave you. You will also enjoy losing weight.

  • Nuts and seeds

They are not raised on animals, but many people make the mistake of thinking that fats and carbs are good and a great way to get an energy boost. This refers to the keto diet, not the carnivore diet. Although your body gets a significant amount of calories from nuts and seeds, they mostly come from carbs, not fat.

Just avoid carnivore diets for weight loss as this will disrupt your metabolism.

  • Rice and Pasta

As good as meatballs and spaghetti may sound, they are not recommended for meat eaters or other low-carb dieters. All dry pasta noodles are high in carbohydrates and not unlike rice. If you're still gearing up for Day 1, start cutting out these plant-based foods a few days early so your body gets used to not having these carbs.

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