June 19, 2017

Why Easily Offended People Are A Waste of Your Time

Easily offended people don't seek self-development and growth. They don't want to listen and they don't want guidance or help. 

This is because they live in a fantasy where they don't need to grow. And to even encourage growth is considered offensive to them.

Here’s An Example of the Type of Easily Offended Person I’m Talking About:

I remember having a roommate whose life revolved around smoking weed. At times, she was cool to hang with – since weed promotes social behavior. 

But she would frequently cut class to smoke and experiment with self-destructive drugs.

She was an overweight woman who refuses to improve herself physically or mentally, and her social circle consisted of hoodlums. 

Whenever anyone would make a comment that would even slightly imply that she spends a lot of her time smoking weed, she’d become offended and throw a tantrum.

I remember one day she complained that she was bored, so I kindly offered ideas of things for her to do. 

I was yelled at for suggesting she can smoke at the park with her friends like she normally does.

Of course, she ended up dropping out of school due to failing grades. But not without being petty and slashing the tires to my car.

My educated guess would be that she owes over $10,000 in student loans and she has nothing to show for it

They Live In A World Where They Do No Wrong & Everything They Want Should Come To Them

Yet, they don't realize that they are the cause of all of their own problems. Because they're not as grounded to reality. 

They're experiencing some sort of denial. And their emotional distress is showing itself through their socially unhealthy behavior.

They deliberately attack people because they take offense so easily. Yet ultimately, they end up hurting themselves.

And it's because they are their own poison. All because they refuse to grow.

Being easily offended is refusing to grow into reality. And setting out to hurt others is refusing to grow at all. 

But they won't see that and they won't listen. It's an awful cycle.

That's why it's important to grow and improve yourself every day. Encourage your own self-development. 

Or else you'll become that bitter person. Bitter from drinking your own poison.  

Who will never realize - the only person to blame is yourself.

What Makes the Easily Offended Ignorant?

The weirdest part is this: the most easily offended people, are the most ignorant.

You would think that being easily offended would mean that you’re sensitive. And that sensitivity would translate to sensitivity towards others. 

But it doesn't

They are ignorant towards everyone.

They're so caught up with themselves, that they take their own self-pity to heart. That way it’s easier to commit acts of pettiness to hurt the other person.

The only thing that act of pettiness proves is that they’re a shitty person. When most times ‘the offender’, never even had the intention to deliberately hurt anyone.

It's as if these people lack the ability of self-reflection. 

Instead, they just look at a screen in their hands to keep their mind off the issue. 

Anything to avoid the thought that maybe they’re the problem.

Not looking at the real issue - the true cause, is an unwillingness to grow. 

That's the same thing as self-harm.

They choose to be hurt. 

Why would anyone do that to themselves? Would a sensible person do that to themselves?



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17 comments on “Why Easily Offended People Are A Waste of Your Time”

  1. Great post and what insecure bitch you ex-roommate was.

    I have found those who are quick to take offence when you give a general, tactful, constructive comment a waste of time too - they are not worth the effort trying to guide, coach or motivate to better themselves!

  2. I have met so many easily offended ones. Unfortunately at the earlier stage of my life I used to blame myself for not being able to cooperate with these people. Now I know that most cases were not the result of my failed communication but those resented egos seeking for some compensation.

    1. Thanks for commenting Linda.
      Decent people tend to make the initial reaction that they themselves are the issue. We do this because we actually respect boundaries. Ultimately, we happily unburden ourselves from these "resented egos".

  3. The woman you describe sounds like a classic addict. It's true that nothing will change for her until she accepts her situation and seeks help. But addicts are often stubborn about that even though you're right that it hurts her, too, in the end, not to mention being hurtful to others.

    1. Thanks for commenting. Not everyone realizes that everything they consume either improves, maintains, or diminishes their quality of life. Good to see another person understand that these people hurt more than themselves.

  4. I found this post very appropriate for me today as I met someone like this few days back.I thought may be I am wrong but no...there is something wrong with them. And the journey continues.....

  5. I often grapple with the suspicion that certain people in my life are not worth the effort. If they try to hurt me when I "offend" them by stating something truthful, then I feel exchanging energy with them is not good for either of us. Reading this I rralize that acknowledging their worth as a living being and recognizing that they are worthless to me personally are two different things. This was a clarifying read.

  6. I just met someone who got super offenden over little thing that wasn´t even meant serious or in a evil way... It was like a trigger... in one moment he was nice and then, wow, he just insulted me with ugly words. I tried to explain that he got it wrong, even apologized for hurting him unintended ... but well that didn´t help and he got even the apology wrong. I felt so bad and I didn´t understood what I did wrong and why he reacted this way... now I feel a little better.
    Thank you!

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