September 8, 2019


why is phenibbut banned illegal

The FDA issued a ban on phenibut for not fitting the definition of dietary supplement.

UPDATE 6/18/20: Some vendors still sell phenibut despite FDA warnings. The article will remain unchanged except an affiliate link to a trusted vendor will be added at the bottom for those still interested.

I didn’t notice this ban until recently after I saw phenibut no longer listed by any of my vendors.

“Shit. They got another one…”
I let the words slip out of my mouth.

You see, phenibut is one of my first and favorite nootropics. I’ve been taking it for several years now.

So to find out phenibut has become illegal is disappointing.

It’s actually my third favorite supplement to be banned in the past year. The first two bans being testosterone and growth hormone supplements (by this vendor).

But after putting two and two together I realized why these substances were getting banned –

It’s for a reason they don’t want you to know.

Before I tell you why they got banned, let’s talk about phenibut for a moment:

Phenibut is a designer drug made by Russian scientists to help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, etc.

I first found out about phenibut while web surfing in my college dorm room.

There were plenty of testimonials online about how phenibut was a real life-changer in terms of mood enhancement and sociability.

At the time I did have minor issues with anxiety. So when I read how much these guys improved socially I was sold.

Like anyone, I just wanted to feel totally calm and socialize more.

I remember my first phenibut batch came packed in a black pouch. There was a sticker on the side that said-

“Take 1 or 2 scoops 1 to 3 times daily. ONLY USE 1 OR 2 TIMES PER WEEK…”

The dosages matched what I saw online. I grabbed the little scooper and thus began my relationship with phenibut.

When I took phenibut I’d become absolutely calm, confident and collected. I’d never felt anything like it.

  • I’d notice girls look at me as if I emitted an aura.
  • When I spoke my voice was strong and welcoming.
  • There was a suavé to how I engaged with people.
  • My body could take on brutal workouts without decline.
  • My sleep was incredible.
  • I recovered faster from soreness and illness.

Discovering phenibut was almost unreal. It hit me differently than all the other nootropics.

I was excited that I found something unknown to 90%+ of the population. More importantly, to find something that worked.

Which brings us to the big question –

Why is phenibut illegal? Why was it banned?

When you take a moment and think about why most things get banned, it’s obvious:

Substances get banned because they work!

That’s why all of my favorite nootropics get locked away from the public.

Because not only do they work, but all of them hardly had side effects when taken responsibly (including those mentioned earlier).

You feel incredible when you take these and the make you incredible.

Because these aren’t “do-nothing” drugs like marijuana. Instead they are productive, life-enhancing “smart” drugs.

Those of you who’ve been taking nootropics can understand this.

So long as you’re responsible and you don’t abuse these drugs, you can live a more fulfilling life.

I agree with this sentiment and I’m sure you can to.

But I’d argue that phenibut is different…

When I started phenibut I’d take 0.5-1g dosages two or three times a week. Which is good since I’m pretty sensitive to this stuff.

But over a long stretch of time my tolerance went up.

So much that I’d take more than 2g twice a day for most days out of the week.

Without realizing it I became dependent on phenibut.

I started having severe social anxiety without it. I still remember my one bad episodes with phenibut:

One day my social anxiety must’ve been real bad.

I took my regular dosage (which was already high by this time) to help take off the edge.

But it didn’t seem to work. Still multiple hours passed by and nothing. I started to suspect my batch had gone bad.

So I shamelessly took out my stash in our student union room and I took big doses hoping it’d kick in (stupid).

It flooded in and I felt myself come to ease. I started talking to everyone (student union room had high foot traffic) having a great time.

While talking to someone I overhead a guy say “I got seventeen brothers that [blahblahblah]” –

The phenibut opened my mouth and I said “DaaAmmN! YoU goT seVenTEen BroThErs?! YoU’rE pAreNtS goT BUsY!!”


He was talking about his frat brothers. The phenibut was slamming me so hard and it wouldn’t stop.

I felt super sober and shitfaced at the same time.

I remember eating a bunch of food hoping it’d help me come down.

All I wanted to do was go home but I knew I wasn’t good to drive. If you’ve taken phenibut before, you know that’s saying something.

Phenibut is very addictive and dependence is a serious risk factor.

I was addicted to phenibut and didn’t even know it. (If you rationalize dosing past your given limit, reexamine yourself).

The best way I can describe phenibut addiction is like this:

Your dependence sneaks up on you just a subtly as the phenibut high.

Phenibut became the source of the issues it supposedly eases.

And it took me a long withdrawal period (feeling detached from reality) to get over it.

Within two or three weeks I was no longer dependent. And after a month I felt like myself again.


I can honestly say, that after coming out the other side – I’m dumber than before. It messed with my brain.

No other nootropic supplement has ever done anything like this to me.


So while nootropics are fantastic, including phenibut, I can see why it’s banned.

It works too well if you’re not careful. And it has a pull unlike any other nootropic.

With phenibut out of the picture, you’re probably wondering-

What’s a good legal phenibut alternative?

A fantastic, non-addictive, and much more legal alternative is 5-HTP (my fav).

Think of it as phenibut’s sober baby cousin.

Do you know any nootropics that may be banned soon?

Not at the moment. But I usually stockpile when I know a nootropic being hammered.

So you’ll see a post if I suspect a supplement ban.


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