November 8, 2018

Why There’s No Such Thing As Work

There's no such thing as work. There is only lifestyle.

When I was young and in school, I spent every weekend doing manual labor. 

Landscaping, painting, irrigation, moving, house maintenance, etc. Anything that had to do with property complex upkeep.

All of which I had no interest in.

During the weekdays I had school where I took the hardest classes. The fact that I never liked school and I hated it, made it all the more difficult.

Outside of school all I did was homework.

So I spent most of my teenage years working. Work work work.

But here's the thing - I never knew all this was work.

In my mind, this stuff wasn't work. It was just what you had to do. The way things are. This is life.

I didn't realize what the word "work" meant until I was eighteen.

One day in math class I was having a rough time with a specific problem.

I remember writing out all of the steps, but somehow I still got the answer wrong.

So I asked for help from someone who knew how to solve it. He looks at my paper.

"Wow man, you didn't get the right answer?"

"No man, I didn't."

"Well it looks like you did a lot of work."

At that moment I thought to myself - "work?".

By the time he left, I didn't learn shit about the math problem, but I learned what "work" was.

In my mind, I was just writing on a piece of paper. Following some bullshit procedure.

To me, that isn't work. If that's work that's pathetic.

Like I said, I never had any days off. I spent long strenuous hours doing outdoor labor at least two to five times a week.

And that still wasn't work. It was just life. I wasn't getting paid. It's just what it was.

I imagined work to be something that's even harder than hard labor.

So I didn't realize the whole time I was doing work.

Now as an adult, I think it's pathetic when someone says "that's too much work".

Who the fuck says that?

Because even now, if I go to a job I do what I'm supposed to do. If I go to the gym, I do what I'm supposed to do. If I eat, I prepare my food like an adult and eat how I'm supposed to eat.

There's no "work".

It's too bad the word "work" has a bad connotation.

But the easiest way to explain what I'm saying is - Everything Is Work.

The actions you do are for an end goal.

To accomplish a goal, don't think of it as picking up work. Instead think of it as picking up a lifestyle.

And in the end, if you don't like doing something, then don't do it.

Back then when I didn't know it was work. All I knew is I didn't like it and I still did it. But when I did it, my mind would be worlds away from where I stood.

Right now if someone told me to do the same shit as I did before, I'd say -

No. Fuck that.

That's not the lifestyle that I want. It's not the work I want.

To say you don't like your work is to say you don't like your life.

If you don't like it, do something else.

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