Why You Aren't Eating Slowly & Other Diet Bro-Science

Why You Aren't Eating Slowly

Have you ever wondered why you eat quickly and mindlessly?

It's for one simple reason: Sugar.

Put bluntly, the sugar-infested foods you're consuming is addictive.

Too often we tell ourselves that we're going to take the time and savor those sugary bonbons. But do they ever really last? No.

Although you acknowledge the taste, you still find yourself engorging it without thought rather than slowly savoring it.

If you think about it, your mind wants one thing but your body wants another.

In the same way you think you're hungry, when you're actually dehydrated or sleep deprived. You're being misguided to think there's something wrong with how you eat, rather than what you eat.

This is obvious when go mindlessly through a bag of cookies, but still want more.

And this is because sweets isn't what your body is really after. In fact, your body doesn't care to eat slowly and enjoy.

All your body wants is better quality food. And that doesn't mean sweeter candy or more exotic fruits

It means your body wants meats: chicken, steak, fish, etc.

Meats must become your main food staple. Because not only does it force you to slow down when you eat, it will satiate you a lot quicker than sugar and junk ever will

Sugars, on the other hand, are for weak-minded individuals who don't think about their bodies in the long-run.

They want the immediate gratification of something that tastes 'good'. It's one of the reasons why there is so much obesity in the US.

Sugar can taste sweet now, but in a few hours it makes you crash. And in the long run, it promotes fat growth.

The Difference Between Healthy Food & Unhealthy Food

A long time ago a colleague asked me how I lost so much weight. I told her that I only ate two meals a day.

She responded with: "That’s not nutritious. That’s not healthy. I’m not going to do that."

And right in front of me she opened up a "healthy" serving of yogurt and a bunch of other crap. 

There are people who believe that eating less is automatically unhealthy.

And that was over a year ago, if I linked you to her social media today you would see that she is still fat.

And that's because a lot of the food that the media tells you is healthy, just plain isn't.

Are you noticing the disconnect in the average person's knowledge of diet?

There is a clear misunderstanding between quality and quantity of foods. And how this relates to weight loss.

Enough of that bologna. I'm going to put an end to this retardation right now:

1) Healthy or not healthy - food is food

- On the most basic level, this is what it all comes down to -

Healthier foods have less calories and typically more nutrients.

Unhealthy/junk foods have more calories and typically less nutrients.

For example: Two Oreos contain 70 calories. A Medium Apple has 70 calories.

Both have 17 grams of sugar, but the apple has fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. Which makes your body run smoother. Meanwhile the Oreo falls short of any benefits beyond taste

Ultimately, you can eat whatever you want. But eat appropriately if you have physical goals.

2) The only thing that makes you fat is eating more calories than you expend

If you want to educate yourself more on the relationship between your body and calories - click here.

Dumbed Down Notes On Foods & Macros (Carbs/Protein/Fats)

  • Avoid sugar and trans fats as much as possible.
  • Meats (proteins) are the best foods, specifically steak and chicken breast.
    • This is required to build muscle mass.
    • Eat your meats first, they help satiate you sooner than carbs.
  • Carbs are your main source of energy.
    • Vegetables have very little calories and huge nutritional benefits.
    • Fruits are "nature's candy" because of it's sugar content. Healthier alternative to actual candy.
    • Junk foods are beneficial only to reach high caloric needs.
  • Fats are essential for improving mood
    • Calorically dense, making it ideal for gaining weight.
    • Fats are healthy, except for trans fats.




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2 comments on “Why You Aren't Eating Slowly & Other Diet Bro-Science”

  1. I lost about 120lbs with dieting and some exercise but what I still struggle, is constant hunger. It makes me really angry all the time.

  2. Down 43 lbs from the beginning of this year. I'm in BMI range for the first time in years. People smile at me more, I feel lighter and so much happier. Feeling more comfortable in my own skin then ever. Gonna keep pushing for the best me I can be.

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