June 14, 2017

Why You're Not Letting Yourself Be Angry

I get it, you're not trying to hurt anyone's feelings or offend anybody. Instead you decide to be mature and patient. Maybe you're even turning the other cheek.

But what about the other person?

You can be holding your restraint and practicing patience. Meanwhile, they can be acting immature and outright attacking you. You're not taking it personally. But do you ever let yourself be mad?

There are people who are angry all the time. They can sneeze and go on a temper tantrum because of it. And then they take it out on you.

People who are like that are trash. If a person is always looking for a little reason to be angry with you, then chances are they're an abuser. They're not abusive because they're angry - they're angry because they're abusive.

But then there's you. You hardly ever get angry. And when you do, you bite your tongue. You don't want to be that trashy, angry person.

Anger is an emotion. It's neither good or bad. It's all about how you use the emotion. You're not evil if you shout at someone in anger on occasion. If they're provoking you, there's no reason not to do it. 

It's not fair that they take things out on you. And you maturely sit there not letting it phase you. They don't see that you're being patient with them.

People like that need tough love. And it's your anger that will put them in their place.

It's okay to be angry and express it via shouting. So why don't you do it? Here's why:

It's because you're a pussy

The reason you're not getting mad is because you're afraid to. You're afraid that you're going to shout back and hurt their feelings. Despite being provoked.

Then you're afraid that they're going to blame all of their problems on you. And that they're gonna hurt you because they can't see that. You're afraid that they can't see that they are the source of their own problems.

Here's something tough to swallow: You already know that they're immature. That they can't handle certain positions. They don't have a high enough esteem or they have a bad mindset.

What sucks is that now it feels like it's all on you. But it's not.

They're responsible for their own feelings and actions. So long as you're not abusing them.

Do it once. Put them in their place once.

Because you never know if they're gonna grow out of it. And you shouldn't have to feel like your stepping on eggshells.

See if it will set them straight and leave you be. Or if this is something that's gonna take time. Maturity hits everyone at different stages of life. Decide if you're willing to wait or move forward.

But stop being a sissy and let it out. You deserve to let it out at least once. And if they can't handle it, that's fine. You don't want to associate with someone who won't take responsibility for their own life.

The person might be a burden. But they don't have to be your burden. Let out your anger and don't be afraid to do it.

If they get upset at you all the time, then it's only fair.



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