October 19, 2018

Why You’re Not So Special

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So you think a rough past makes you special?

That the color of your skin, your poor upbringing, and shitty family is an excuse for you to be different.

You can come from a very shitty situation.

But I'll tell you right now. Until you let go of it, there's no way you'll rise above it.

You had problems?

That's cute.

We've all had problems. Sure, they aren't the same. But yours aren't special.

To think your problems are special is to deem yourself a victim.

To think you're different from everyone else is to deem yourself a victim.

You are not some unfortunate creature.

You are human. Always have been. Always will be.

To believe something is wrong with you is like spitting into your reflection every time you look at yourself in the mirror.

It's too easy to be certain of your unworthiness and hold yourself back.

That certainty makes you yearn for validation. And that makes you all too easy to manipulate.

You aren't perfect. But you're worth helping yourself.

If you fear rejection, remind yourself that you only want to be around people who like you for who you are.

When you tell yourself this, all of those insecurities you have should mean nothing.

Your worries dissipate.

Either they accept what you are and aren't, or they're gone.

You will automatically filter out the people who will bring you down and waste your time. Their loss.

Now you can think more about you and your plans. Rather than worry what other people see.

Because the truth is - you're fine.

There's nothing existentially wrong with you. You're not special.

You're like everyone else. A human with free will.

The difference between you and everyone else is what you do with that free will.

Are you going to think you're special and resolve to be less?

Or will you break down those mental barriers and be the hero of your own story?

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