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year 2019 don't forfeit before your time has come

The end of 2019 is around the corner and the New Year is about to begin.

This past year I’ve learned many valuable lessons that I want to share with you. As well as reveal more about who I am and where I’m from.

Anyone who follows this blog sees that I go by the name Rich LUS.

My real name is Richard Alba. I’m currently 24 years old and I reside somewhere in California.

I started this website to help other people with advice based on my own personal experience.

Yes, I have a fair amount of life experience, such as:

  • I was in a prestigious education program back in high school
  • I grew up in the ghetto with an abusive home-life
  • I’ve owned several cars and real estate in California
  • I’ve visited other countries (Mexico, Germany, Italy, etc.)
  • I spent nights sleeping in my car due to homelessness
  • I graduated college with a degree (because they paid me to get it)

In between each of those points I hustled to make money. All of which were less than legal allegedly.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was a real piece of shit.

Not only because I was “poor”, although I had nearly $10k in the bank, but because I was also scared.

I didn’t want to “grow up” or even get a job.

In high school I’d tell my girlfriend –

“All I know is that my happiness isn’t something that can be found in a job. My happiness will be somewhere outside of a job”.

Back then I knew.

Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew.

Working a job isn’t for me. The same way school isn’t for me.

One day I called up an old friend from high school and I confessed to him –

“Man, y’know. Looking back I really fuckin’ hated school and I didn’t even know it…”

He laughed so hard into the phone and said,

“I could’ve told you that!”.

We don’t realize how much we already know about ourselves when we are so young.

In the past two years I’ve had plenty of random strangers, doctors, directors, business people tell me I should be doing something better than what I was doing.

These people had more faith in me than I did.

Hell, it wasn’t until this year that I felt like “I’m ready”.

I don’t even know what the fuck that means!

And I could only describe it like this –

“Before I wasn’t ready. But now I’m ready”.

I do have some streams of income. But I still take up a job when it isn’t enough.

Small Chair & Table Rentals. Living in a Mexican community we get orders fairly often for Quinceañeras, Catechisms, and holiday events like Cinco de Mayo.

Small Couponing Brand/Service. I got my traffic using Instagram until the platform decided to shut down my account. Until then it made me some money for a few months.

My growing blog businesses. I have two standing blog businesses right now. My Level Up Stud brand and a niche brand that I look forward to growing.

You can learn how to make money with a blog too.

And speaking of the blog business –

Level Up Stud 2019 Year in Review

I started LUS in 2017 where I posted about 60 articles – much of which I took down.

In 2018, I wrote even more articles – most won’t be published. I also focused more on quality over quantity and viewership exploded.

This 2019 is a little bit different. The viewership actually decreased by 25% this year. Here’s why –

Someone can always make a better article that ranks higher. It’s not a complicated concept. You always want to release the best article you can. Although my content may seem a bare, I always considered it sufficient. But people don’t see what you see. This is an area to improve upon.

Readership didn’t improve because I wasn’t all in. In 2017, I was all in. For most of 2018, I was all in. But internet business is not easy. It takes time. I needed money as soon as possible so I got a job. Having a job takes away a lot of your mental power.

Jobs make it hard for you to grow. A simple lesson I learned this year is this, “you can’t grow in a negative environment”. Of course you develop whatever skills you use in your employment. But I had my HUGEST mental and developmental breakthroughs when I wasn’t employed.

However, if you’re part of the blog business you already know that some of your best articles will gain more traction as they age.

When I realized how much I neglected LUS, I decided to publish as much as I can for an entire month.

The month of August contributed to over half the content published for the 2019 year.

Here are the Top 3 Articles of August:

This is also the year where I released two of my proudest publications:

I also started publishing my thoughts and ideas for readers to skim through. These are concepts that I couldn’t transform into an article. My hope is that these tidbits resonate with someone and maybe they can turn it into gold.

  • Notes (I may delete this section soon)

Let’s take a look at the goals I set for myself in the year 2019.

My physical goal was to get lean again. Which I did! I went from 190lbs to 175lbs. Check out how I did it here.

But then I gained it back. Why? Because life happens. So I focused on fixing imbalances such as weak knees and increasing my forearm size.

My sexual goal was to improve my libido and sexual energy. Which I did! In fact, I realize now that I’m consumed by it – and so are you.

I now understand the truth about sexual transmutation. Which I will share in the future.

My money goal was to get my new business project off the ground. Which I did! Before the whole thing ended in a train wreck. But I did learn a lot from the experience.

Be Ready for the 2020 New Year

I’m ready to find my way to the other side of the tunnel this year. I’ve tried plenty of new things and I’ll keep trying until I find my way out.

Are you ready to change your life?

Yes? Fantastic.

But don’t bother making a New Years Resolution. Those never work out and I’ll tell you why-

Because there isn’t a system in place and you don’t have skin in the game.

If you want to achieve your goal you need a system in place.

Here are approved systems for you to check out:

Look at the personalities behind each of those links. Decide which of these accomplished voices resonates with you most.

With a system in place and skin in the game it’s nearly impossible not to set yourself straight and get what you want.

So long as you make the decision and you truly desire it.

Do yourself a favor and make this new year count.

Your brother,

– Rich

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